Many clients, friends and family over the years have asked me this question.  They see the % fee at the time of candidate placement and wonder how we can justify it.  This was particularly challenging for me when I worked with schools who often had tight budgets and were struggling with funding.

I think many people see a lump sum and relay it to the time it might take them to generate that amount of money themselves.  ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ and ‘you have to work hard to make money’ are sayings taught to us as children so much of these beliefs are deep rooted.

Yet, what is missed is what has gone on behind the scenes before the placement. 

You are paying for our 40 years of expertise, our network, communication channels, market knowledge, credibility, advertising, innovation, promotion of our services, preferred rate subscriptions, salaries, the work that has gone in to headhunt, attract, screen, prep, council and the often unexpected occurrence that this placement could fall through and we have to start the process all over again free of charge!

We also offer a free 3 and 6 month review for every placement made to increase our understanding of the candidate and your business.

Seeing our service as an investment in a long-term, trusted partnership instead of a one-off cost to your business really re-frames the financial value that our service provides. 

This is why many of our customers have worked with us for over a decade and we are recognised in our industry as being award-winning for innovation and nominated by the British Recruitment Awards in November for ‘Rising Star Kate Gerald’ and excellent ‘Candidate Experience’.

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