A fully managed recruitment process designed to take away all of the CV searching, reviewing and interview scheduling from you. You can trust our highly experienced team who know your business and requirements in depth, to do all of the work on your behalf to secure your next team member.

After 40 years in recruitment, we believe things need shaking up to ensure that you, the hiring manager, saves time AND money when building your team!


If you prefer to be more hands-on in your approach to recruitment, that’s absolutely fine by us. We will support you with sending over suitable candidate CV’s after we’ve had the discussion with you around your needs. When you have a shortlist, we’ll invite them to interview with you and you can decide if you would like to conduct the interviews with a colleague or with a member of the K.A.G. team. Either way, you will be delighted with the calibre of candidates presented to you and be in a position to make an offer and onboard your new employee to your team!

K.A.G. Exclusive

It can be nerve-racking to outsource your recruitment… So that’s why we know you will benefit from being Exclusive.

We know how challenging your job already is and when you’re a team member down, you need to hire a high-quality candidate quickly, whilst keeping your team going. We have created this solution to help you get the ideal candidate that you want, quicker and with a streamlined, pain-free process. Saving your precious time to focus on your business.


We have the experience to quickly understand your core business, your team and the requirements of the role in order to build a robust and personalised recruitment strategy. This enables us to secure you the right person for your dream team without you having to hedge your bets and deal with multiple recruiters at once!


We’ve been doing this a long time and we know how to understand and relay your company’s history, future, values and culture to our candidates. We are often described as an extension of your team and we treat each role as if we were recruiting a new team member for our own team!


You meet with us once in order to provide that detailed brief, we take away the role profile and your preferred interview dates and leave you to relax until the interview day knowing we have taken care of everything.

Behind the Scenes

We go away and do everything behind the scenes from CV screening to shortlisting to sending calendar invites out. You can confidently turn up on the agreed interview date and we will brief you about your scheduled dream candidates. We will interview alongside you, being your eyes and ears and you’ll benefit hugely from our expertise and guidance with consistent and fair scoring and feedback. This is vital to ensure a fair and robust recruitment process that leaves all parties – you, the successful candidate and also the unsuccessful candidates – treated fairly in a timely manner and with respect.

Why going Exclusive with K.A.G. helps your business.

 You might think that using a number of recruiters would be beneficial to the recruitment process, but the truth is, it’s not. You end up with too many cooks in the kitchen and wasted time reviewing CVs from candidates who are not a great match. You end up losing weeks if not months to this inefficient process as well as losing great candidates who can end up feeling like a commodity.

“When you dip your toe into the recruitment water, you have to be ready to swim!”

Key Benefits Include:


You have our 100% assurance that we are your personal recruiter, championing your brand, highlighting you as an employer of choice and living and breathing your employee value proposition.


You have our 100% assurance that we are your personal recruiter, championing your brand, highlighting you as an employer of choice and living and breathing your employee value proposition.


Saving you time by not having to review CVs, go back and forth with recruiters and not having to take colleagues away from the business to interview with you. You’ll have the confidence in us to deliver this for you as an extension of your business.


Saving you money by reducing the headcount you need to interview. K.A.G. will take this pain away, meaning you can continue your role without missing a beat, saving you a prolonged and frustrating process while we will do what we do best: recruiting the best talent.


A VIP service with no extra cost. That’s right, no catch!

Let’s take the pain out of your recruitment. Let’s speed up your recruitment process. Let’s make your recruitment process more cost effective and productive to save you time to focus on your business! ​

K.A.G. EXCLUSIVE includes all of the below…


A fully managed recruitment process using our unique five-step process for complete and total satisfaction.


Access to our advertising & headhunting services across a variety of our Exclusive channels, including social media platforms and job boards.


Candidate sourcing and screening: we review and screen the CVs with a full understanding of your company values & conduct the 1st stage interviews too.


Fully planned and organised interview day – we are by your side throughout the day, we are happy to be part of the interview as much or as little as you want us to be.


Candidate scoring – An unbiased opinion of the candidate. Scored against your required criteria ensuring fairness. Remember, the candidates can legally ask to see all scoring and feedback, so let’s ensure you’re protected and compliant.


A dedicated account manager – A single point of contact & supported by a fully briefed team behind them. 


No scaled fee structure for different levelled roles.


We also continue to support both the candidate we place and the client they join for a further 6 months at no additional cost.

Get to Know Us

When you choose to recruit with K.A.G. on our Exclusive basis you also secure our…

Guidance Service which includes both three and six month reviews with the candidates and yourself at no extra charge.

Not only does this service support you, but you also are more likely to retain the candidate for longer within your business which ultimately saves you more time and money in the long run.

  • RETENTION RATE 93% 93%


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