How many of us have posted something and then felt a bit twitchy afterwards and perhaps even taken it down? Was that a bit too personal? Did I use the right terminology and grammar? Am I going to offend anyone?

Personal brand is a term that many companies are championing for their employees because their social media presence (particularly on Linkedin) can be seen as being an extension of the business. Here at K.A.G. Recruitment Consultancy Ltd we all recently had a photoshoot to provide more images of us individually and as a team for social media.

Yet, there are many employees who have visibility fears about being the face of the brand or being encouraged to post more about what life is really like at the company.

We encourage hiring managers to consider their online presence before interviewing as on many levels in the age of information, candidates could utilise this information to determine whether there is a career path at the company or whether the hiring manager looks like someone they would want to work for.

Patrick Woods at LINWOODS HEALTH FOODS is a good example of a CEO who is getting to grips with being in the public eye and also seeing the benefits of personal brand and the value of letting consumers in on his family run business.

Kate Gerald at K.A.G. Recruitment Consultancy Ltd coaches personal branding and helps to overcome visibility fears by sensitively working with individuals to bring out their inner self and develop a voice that is true to them and projects the image that they and their company desire.

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