What is upskilling?

Upskilling involves improving the skills, knowledge and competencies of your current employees, usually through training. It gives your team the chance to build expertise and advance their professional growth.

Why is it important?

Employees own your brand as the company and employees lead to happy customers. When workers are happier with their company and believe in what they are working toward, they do better work.

Many job- seekers say they’re willing to sacrifice salary in exchange for skill-building opportunities. Companies need to be able to offer a commitment to an employee’s development in order to compete for top talent.

Employees are making a conscious choice about where they want to go work and, often times, they’re making that choice based on whether the company is going to help them get new skills. By having a unique upskilling training, you are a more attractive employer in your industry.

If your employees are not presented with opportunities for learning and development, they believe that other employers offer better career opportunities and leave. Employee turnover can be expensive and, depending on the size of your organization, the costs could add up quickly. By investing in your employees’ training, you increase their value to the business. They know they have a future within your organization and, as a result, they stay and advance their career.

The benefits of upskilling are well-known and within the reach of any organization. Start upskilling employees to build a more engaged and productive workforce.

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