I attended the Karren Brady Women in Business Event a couple of weeks ago and was lucky enough to join a Capital One roundtable hosted by Kaj Bansal and Shama Hamid.

The title was The Power of Discomfort; Developing Resilience Through Change and during that roundtable they introduced the Kubler-Ross Change Curve.


I’d never seen this graph before but it seemed to speak to me in terms of several major changes that have happened in my life this year;

  • Returning to work after a 7 year gap as a stay at home parent
  • Several members of our family being diagnosed with cancer
  • Our family dog Rocky passing away
  • Speaking to Kaj Bansal further about this, the Change Curve can sometimes be passed through in a couple of minutes.  Other times it can take months or even years to pass through to the integration end.

We can go through the Change Curve a number of times a day – how many of us have had something sprung on us, had initial resistance to it and then passed through to the other side of acceptance?

Constant reflection about where you are on the Change Curve for any form of change in your life can really help to identify potential solutions to moving forwards along it. 

Ever found yourself chewing the fat about a problem with someone and finding it actually keeps you stuck?  Interestingly enough, the people that we surround ourselves with and seeing where they are on the Change Curve can affect how long we stay in that state.

Thank you to Kaj Bansal and Shama Hamid for hosting this fascinating topic and for giving me another perspective on how to embrace discomfort and change.

Also, great to meet Paulina and Rebbekah at the Roundtable, thank you for sharing your stories.

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