How frustrating is it when you’ve come to the end of the recruitment process and it all falls through?  The candidate seemed so keen at interview.  They would have been perfect for your team.  They didn’t say they had other interviews lined up…

We feel your pain. 

I often describe recruitment as a game of snakes and ladders. 

One minute you’re winning and the process is moving along nicely, the next the perfect candidate has a counter-offer elsewhere/has decided they want to stay where they are after all/has just changed their mind…

… and back down the snake you go.

Did you know that we do everything in our power to mitigate these risks?

  • A strong rapport from the first conversation that hones in on their values and motivations
  • Ensuring that they are serious about applying for your vacancy
  • Building a strong relationship with them
  • Having open conversations
  • Regular contact with them
  • Understanding their ambitions for their career and where they see themselves in the short and long term
  • Any concerns they might have
  • Being thorough at every stage of vetting a candidate that they are capable of doing the role in question
  • Their salary/holiday/benefits expectations
  • Any circumstances that may impact their work in their personal life
  • Ensuring they have bought into the role
  • Getting them to do ‘homework’ on the company, role, culture and progression
  • Providing them with LinkedIn case studies of members of your team and organisation to show the routes they have taken to progress with the company
  • They are clear on who their line manager will be, the culture, the team, the location, the benefits and salary
  • Transparency of the type of team/company/role/manager they’ll be working with
  • Being a sounding board for their hopes and concerns
  • Being aware of other interviews they are attending or counter-offers they may receive from their current workplace
  • References
  • Most important of all really understanding the why for them wanting to apply for the vacancy

Does your current agency work as thoroughly as this?

Without all of that support and communication along the way, clients are left confused at the end of the process as to why the candidate won’t join them.  Bloody agencies! They’ll say!

We are dealing with people and people are changeable, there are no guarantees.  But rest assured, at K.A.G. we do things by the book and the candidates we send to interview have all been through this meticulous process; mitigating the risk that you fall down another snake again!

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