I talk to so many people in HR that have an overwhelming amount of responsibility under their remit. 

One HR Professional I spoke to the other day not only had recruitment under her job title but also payroll for the entire organisation!  Talk about two of the most important, time sensitive and time-consuming tasks for one person to be responsible for.

One of the main objections that comes up when I speak to HR is that they have an existing relationship with a recruitment supplier.  Evidently, they haven’t been working solo for years and have built up a relationship with that agency over a period of time.

My job is to check that even though there is history; are they providing the service that they expect and deserve? 

Just because a relationship has been in place for several years, doesn’t mean that it is without it’s areas of weakness.  In fact, complacency is the MAIN reason that people switch suppliers.

With so many HR positions that cover a surplus of responsibilities, often the phrase ‘better then devil you know’ is used because they simply don’t have the time to bring a new agency up to speed.

Our mission as a recruitment agency is to make your life as simple as possible.  We don’t waste your time sending dozens CVs to make us look busy, we don’t call unnecessarily unless you have a need and we don’t keep changing your point of contact.  Whilst we are a team of resourcers, you have one point of contact but access to numerous pairs of eyes looking at your vacancy which provides new perspectives and urgency.

For more information on how to delegate the Recruitment hat to a trusted recruitment partner, DM me to find out more.

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