Recruiting is like dating; there is a process to finding the perfect match.

Have you ever been on a blind date? You may be the most self-assured, confident person in the world but being intensely observed by another is enough to make anyone feel slightly uneasy. Not only are you the judge of the person in front of you but they too are deciding whether you would be a good match. The same goes for an interview and we all know you have to kiss a few frogs.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you should delicately hold your candidate’s hand from across the desk or interview in a candlelit office, a glass of rioja in hand. But we do think you may want to update your current interviewing style and process. In our 25 years of experience in recruitment, we know that it is not just the candidate who is subject to critique.

What employers often forget is that people don’t go to work for their boss; they go to work for themselves. By helping your employees to achieve what they want out of a role, you will achieve what you want. As an employer, you are there to build the company culture, motivate your employees, and enhance their lives.

Motivated employees mean happy clients, a good reputation and you guessed it… an even better business. By conducting a quality interview, you can attract and retain a quality candidate.

Here are 5 common interview mistakes made by an interviewer:

1. Bad manners

You may have found the perfect candidate but if you have shown them little regard during the interview process, you will come across as rude and unbecoming. This will give the candidate the impression that you don’t care about the employees that you already have and therefore are not a company that they would be valued in, meaning that they might think twice when accepting a job offer.

2. Ruin their reputation

Today, some websites are an arena for management slandering. Some websites allow people to write and review their experiences with your company – as an employee and a candidate. Much like a bad trip advisor review will stop you from booking a table at a restaurant, a bad review on these kinds of websites can hinder your chances of attracting applicants.

3. Fail to Inspire

Uninspired managers make for a dull interview. Energy is everything. Employers do not take the time to think about how they are conducting themselves in an interview and it shows. We are attracted to people that bring out the best in us. An interviewer’s good energy can directly reflect on the candidate, showing the best side to them with sincerity. This is paramount when finding the right person for a role and personality profiling. It is surprising how this is such a common interview mistake made by interviewers.

4. Ask the wrong questions

How can you find out whether your candidate will fit the role without asking the right questions? Many interviewers follow a traditional script that is now outdated and predictable. Ask questions with purpose and you will get purposeful answers. With effective questioning, you will be able to whittle your candidates down more efficiently.

5. Undersell themselves

More often than not, you are not your candidate’s only option – especially if they’re first-rate. Many hiring managers forget to sell the opportunity to the candidate because they do not completely understand the business proposition themselves. By selling your company and opportunity you can not only attract the right candidate but retain them and save money and time.

Is your company guilty of any of these mistakes?

Have you interviewed for years and just aren’t getting the same quality of candidates anymore? Whether you are losing your dream hire, not attracting the right talent or wasting time on the wrong people. Our recruitment training courses can help you to update your interview process and ensure that you find your perfect match.

Our interview coaching will change the outlook you have on interviews and onboarding forever. In our 25 years of experience, we know what employers want and what candidates want back. With our constant communication and feedback that we receive from both ends of the recruitment spectrum, we have been able to decipher the most effective and efficient interview methods – saving you time to focus on your business.

Now, you can be sure that you won’t be making any of these common interview mistakes so often made by employers.

To find out more, get in touch with us for more details.

Common interview mistakes made by interviewer