What are some of the worst experiences you’ve had as a candidate?

I’m sure you can remember one that still sticks out in your mind because a bad interview is rarely forgotten!

Mine was an interview for a high street agency.  They had kept me waiting for over half an hour then skimmed over my CV as if it was the first time they’d read it.  As one of the hiring managers was waiting for his colleague, we sat in silence as he pulled out a newspaper and began to read as we waited!  Needless to say, as professional as the second colleague appeared, it didn’t inspire me to want to work for them.

This kind of candidate experience happens every day and it leaves a lasting impression on people and in turn their networks of friends, family and YOUR potential customers.

Gone are the days when candidates turn up cap in hand to a company.  Nowadays, candidates have the power to research the company in far greater detail than ever before and in many ways (particularly if they have niche skills and experience) they are interviewing you.

People are attracted to people and if an interviewee is treated poorly and not given relevant feedback or made aware of the process, this can lead to a negative perspective of the company to their whole network.

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