‘Discipline your disappointment’ has been a catchphrase in my family for as long as I can remember.  I had my Dad’s words ringing in my head this weekend after not 1 but 5 kids pulled out last minute of my daughter’s little birthday party.

She, fortunately, was none the wiser really because at age 6 you just get on with it and play with those that did show.  But I felt disappointed for her and disappointed in myself that I’d not invited more of her class to celebrate.

In recruitment, disappointment is part of the job.  We are dealing with people and therefore constantly moving goalposts and motivations.  What was a deal one day is forgotten about the next and people can change their minds like the wind.

What is key to the statement of ‘discipline your disappointment’ is to not let your disappointments in life boss you about.  That you still show up and do what you do regardless of what or who has let you down.

At K.A.G. we are clear with you from the start about the areas that could prove turbulent in your recruitment process.  By effectively communicating the unknown ahead and being supportive at every stage, we can help you navigate the ups and downs of recruitment and keep any unforeseen disappointments in check.

We are also reliable – as an SME we are flexible and available to the needs of our clients and put them at the heart of what we do.

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