When you are attending an interview its really important that you are prepared, this will enable you to showcase the best possible version of yourself.

Please see below some tips to help you prepare:

  • Research the company – Look at the website, news, press release, history, awards
  • Company Values – How do they resonate with you and what do you look for in an employer?
  • LinkedIn – Its always great to try and view your interviewers and people that work within the business to be able to see their backgrounds and also to see if you have anything in common and its absolutely fine to view profiles before the interview it shows you are serious about the opportunity.
  • Dress to Impress – Smart business dress will always give a good first impression even if you won’t be wearing a suit to do the day-to-day role so we would always advise it where possible.
  • Plan your route – Ensure you leave enough time for your journey, consider doing a dummy run if you can to familiarise yourself with the area and check out parking and any security requirements like taking ID etc beforehand
  • Virtual Interview – If you are having a video interview, please treat it the same as you would for a face to face meeting, smart business dress, quiet location and be mindful of what’s in the background of your screen, also have a copy of the role profile and your CV alongside you for reference points and to make notes against any questions that you would like to discuss during the interview.

On the day of your interview try and relax and most of all be yourself as its that person that will be turning up to work everyday!

Happy Interviewing 😊

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