From the very beginning Kate and Amee have been truly fantastic and professional in helping me find a job. Their hard work saw me in a position that I had honestly never considered before but now wouldn’t change for anything. They knew exactly how and when to help and sorted everything, aiding me in my application and even phoned me the evening before my interviews to make sure I was confident with the sorts of questions I would face. I was nervous at first that no one would want to hire someone straight out of university with only limited work experience but KAG coached me and helped me realise that even the limited work I had done before was of use. Both Kate and Amee made me feel at ease with everything and really took the stress out of the entire process. I cannot recommend the ladies highly enough especially if you are nervous or inexperienced in job seeking. KAG continue to look after my welfare even once I was placed in the company with a beautiful batch of brownies to congratulate me on my first week. Talking to my friends who used another agency I realised that I have been fortunate to have been treated like an individual with everything tailored to me as opposed to other companies who find you a position you may not actually enjoy or want.

December 17

The service I received from Kate at KAG Recruitment was second to none. Not only was I initially contacted to discuss the role and opportunities at length, we also discussed the history of the company and how my own personality and skills would fit into it. I then received not one, but two coaching sessions prior to my interview which proved invaluable on the day. They say opportunities are what you make them, however KAG Recruitment definitely put me in the right place at the right time and helped me to achieve the current success I am enjoying!

December 17


I am extremely satisfied with the friendly and efficient service given by KAG recruitment.  Most recruitment agencies are time consuming and blinkered in their approach, churning out CVs without a personal service with slow turnaround times.  But with KAG, I have found the service to be first class, value for money and personalised to match candidates to our job roles.   

The approach is thorough and supportive and really does make a difference to know that you are working with an agency who is keen to place the ‘right’ candidate rather than ‘a’ candidate.  You can have that frank conversation about what you are looking for, and KAG will always offer their expert advice on how and what they think will work and subsequently recruitment campaigns are tailored to find the right candidates.  The process from start to finish makes me feel at ease and I would recommend KAG time and time again. 

I have recruited six employees through KAG in the last 2 months.  I think that says it all. 

Thank you Kate, my right hand woman when it comes to recruitment. 

IT Client

Having reflected on the time I’ve worked with Kate (5 years), I cannot remember any occasion where I haven’t realised value for money.  Kate adds value, more than any other recruiter, initially by taking the time to understand our business in every detail and therefore has an appreciation of which candidates will fit in for the long term.  Kate adds further value by spending time with candidates to help them understand what we are looking for and the culture within our business.  We also place value on communications pitched at the right level and frequency which Kate also delivers very well.  I would not hesitate for one second in recommending KAG Recruitment Consultancy to both customers and candidates alike.

Manufacturing Client

Kate helped us find and recruit some of our best people over the years and one of the many reasons I continue to recommend her to other people. It is such a pleasure working with someone who has great tenacity and passion for what they do, it’s no wonder KAG attracts such great candidates!

Logistics Client

I have worked with Kate on many vacancies since 2011 at both my previous company and my current company. Kate’s main strength when placing candidates is that she understands my exact requirements, my business needs and the culture of the organisation. 

I appreciate Kate’s direct, no nonsense approach and the rapid response that I receive. Kate has supported me on many recruitment campaigns from Senior Manager level through to Administrative roles with the same level of professionalism shown throughout. 

Manufacturing Sector Client

Last year my company introduced Graduates into our network of depots around the UK. As General Manager of Network Recruitment i was introduced to Kate Gerald who I gave the task of finding me candidates. We had 19 Graduate positions to fill by July so a tough ask, Kate came through with 75 candidates all very high quality. We filled all the positions on time, and we have only lost one Graduate in the first year.

Logistics Sector Client


Kate was incredibly helpful and professional when assisting me to secure a graduate job role. As well as finding a position that was well suited to my skills and personality, she also went to great lengths to ensure that I was thoroughly prepared for the interview process, enabling me to perform to the best of my ability on the day and ultimately receive an offer of employment. KAG Recruitment offers high quality, friendly service that really caters to the needs of the individual job seeker – I would highly recommend.

November 17

From day one Kate has gone above and beyond.  In searching for a job I had dealt with numerous recruiters and none had gone to the effort of understanding my CV like Kate had and therefore the job she contacted me about was exactly what I was looking for.  The advice given about necessary changes to my CV and covering letter was fantastic and the support didn’t end there.  Every step along the recruitment process Kate took as much pressure off my shoulders as possible by doing things such as ensuring that I knew where to be and when and ensuring I had all the information I needed to make the interviews and assessments a success.  Once I got the job Kate continued to keep in touch making sure that I had settled in ok and reassuring me that if I had any issues then she was always at the end of the phone.  The thoroughness and effort that I have experienced whilst dealing with KAG has been unbelievable and it made what would normally be a stressful experience so much more pleasant, I am extremely grateful for everything (and the icing on the cake was arriving on one of my first days to a box of brownies on my desk!)

November 17

Working with Kate has been an absolute delight. Not only did she provide me with a fantastic opportunity which really was a right fit, but she also went above and beyond each part of the process and nothing was too much trouble. I have absolutely no hesitations in recommending Kate Gerald and KAG Recruitment

September 17

Seeking employment as a fresh graduate was a daunting prospect. Most recruitment agencies seemed more concerned with placing me in whatever role they could find rather than ensuring that I found the right position for me. Kate was the exception to this. Throughout the process of securing my first graduate job she strove to ensure not only that I was the right candidate for the position, but that the position was a perfect match for me, my skillset, and my career ambitions. Even after finding the perfect role, Kate went the extra mile to ensure that I was well informed and adequately prepared for my interview. It is no exaggeration to say that would not have made it to where I am today were it not for Kate. I wholeheartedly recommend her and K.A.G. Recruitment to anyone seeking help in finding employment.

August 17

Katie is one of the best recruitment agents I have ever worked with, I found her to be professional, personable and very willing to go the extra mile to make sure I found my ideal role and company, thanks to her that is exactly what has happened! I would highly recommend Katie to anybody.

July 17

As a recent university graduate, applying for graduate roles was a daunting prospect. From the initial contact through to successfully placing me in my current role, Katie from KAG Recruitment consistently demonstrated three key attributes; knowledge, attention and guidance. Katie remained hugely supportive throughout; always available for a conversation and never failed to offer expert advice. The services offered were personal and tailored to my needs. From this process, I not only secured a fantastic graduate opportunity, but had the pleasure of getting to know a genuine and honest recruiter in Katie. Overall, I was hugely impressed with KAG Recruitment and would strongly recommend her services to all.

July 17

I cannot thank Kate and Amee enough, for their time and contribution towards helping me land my first graduate job! Not only that, but their professionalism and sincerity to make sure that I was the right candidate, was more than beneficial for me. As any graduate would know, the process of finding a graduate job after university is a more of a challenge then university itself. However; with the help of KAG recruitment; they ensured that I was properly prepared and informed throughout the process, whilst their delivered a personalised experience to myself and other candidates too. They are not like the other recruitment agencies who will stick you in a job just for the sake of it; KAG will go further and beyond to ensure that you bring out your best qualities. Since I have started my new role, KAG have kept in touch with me; even till this day; which speaks volumes as they take time out of their busy lives to see how I am doing! Overall, my experience with KAG has been exceptional, so if you are looking for recruitment agency who are quality or quantity; gives a professional but personal service through excellent coaching and advice, and can match you to the perfect job, then I highly recommend KAG recruitment!

November 17

Having recently returned from working abroad I was finding it difficult to find positions that were the right fit for me. The minute I started talking to Kate my worries vanished; her exceptional knowledge of the industry, company and role that I am now in was second to none, and any advice or queries or concerns I had about the role were dealt with thoroughly. 

Having contacted a number of other recruiters during my job hunt, none of them were in the same league as Kate. The amount of time she was willing to spare to ensure my experience with her was first class is hugely admirable and very unique. I strongly recommend that anyone looking for a new and exciting role should look to work with Kate – you won’t regret it!

October 17

I am immensely thankful to KAG for helping my land my first graduate job. The entire process was a lot simpler and more personal than with recruiters I’ve previously had dealings with. Kate was very friendly but also hugely knowledgeable about the company and the role. Finding a job was never so easy, I would definitely recommend KAG.

August 17

KAG recruitment really couldn’t have done more for me, Kate offered a very personal service and was always available to discuss the process. I was always well informed and supported throughout. Kate was the catalyst in securing my dream graduate job. I can’t praise Kate enough for her efforts and will continue to recommend KAG recruitment to all my friends.

September 17

Kate is a breath of fresh air for the recruitment industry, she cares unlike any other recruiter I have worked with previously.  She makes sure that the role fits the person and also that the person fits the company by maintaining a professional relationship with delegates throughout the process. Since securing a new role with help and guidance from Kate, I have had no hesitation recommending her to former colleagues. I am very grateful for Kate and don’t doubt that she will continue to expand KAG Recruitment Consultancy in the future.

April 17

Finding a new role is not easy, it can be nerve wracking, time consuming and sometimes a touch stressful.  However, this is where Kate Gerald – K.A.G Recruitment Consultancy Ltd comes in.

Kate worked tirelessly in helping me secure a new role, from start to finish Kate went the extra mile ensuring that the whole process ran smoothly.  Kate was open and honest, offered endless support and advice and kept me up to date throughout; which is something I find often lacks with other recruitment agencies.

Thankyou Kate for going above and beyond and not treating me as just another number.

May 17

Being a recent graduate in the area of IT while not having any relevant experience made it hard to find a job in a competitive IT sector. Working with Kate from KAG Recruitment has helped me a lot with understanding my potential and how I can apply my skills to a particular IT position. Kate has provided me with an amazing support, establishing a link between myself and a potential employer while guiding me step-by-step through the recruitment process. Therefore, I’m grateful for the amount of dedication and support that I have received. I would happily recommend KAG recruitment consultancy to anyone who is looking for a quality support with their job hunt!

November 17

My experience working with K.A.G. Recruitment has been nothing short of fantastic. Having dealt with a multitude of recruitment agencies during my job search I can honestly say, without a shadow of a doubt, that Kate and K.A.G. provides the most personal, dedicated and professional service in the business. She went above and beyond to ensure I was put forward for roles that aligned with my experience, that I was more than prepared prior to my interviews and I am now happily working in a role at DPD; I couldn’t have done any of it without Kate. To anyone who is looking for a top class recruitment agency to assist you in your job search: you’ve found it in K.A.G. Recruitment.

July 17

It has been an absolutely pleasure to liaise with Kate and KAG during my recent successful graduate job application. Kate provided a professional recruitment service but went above and beyond in many aspects in her efforts to provide informative and supportive assistance throughout the entirety of the recruitment process. This included being present at the assessment day and even attending the induction week in my new position to provide further support. For me, this shows Kate consistently endeavours to provide first class service and I have no hesitation to recommend Kate and KAG as the best recruitment company I have encountered.

September 17

I thoroughly recommend Kate, she is professional and efficient with a willingness to go the extra mile for candidates she really sees potential in, to that end, a healthy dose of tenacity on her part was invaluable for my situation – in short, an excellent recruitment agent who keeps you utterly in the loop and is friendly and reliable.

May 17

“I am writing to say thank you to Kate Gerald at KAG who played a key role in helping me get my first professional job and onto the career ladder. Kate was incredibly helpful and willing to give up lots of her own time to help me prepare for my interviews. I’m very proud to be one of KAG’s first success stories and I’m certain there will be many more to come. The whole process was friendly, professional and efficient and had a uniquely personal touch. Kate was honest and upfront, reliable and delivered on her promises. This is a welcome change, having had average service and even negative experiences with other recruitment agencies. Once again, many many thanks to Kate for the placement.”

April 17

Working with KAG has been a breath of fresh air. As someone who has dealt with employment agencies for the last 20 years, I have used these services for both recruiting and job hunting, but rarely have I come across a company that has such attention to detail. KAG work professionally to match a candidate not just to a role, but to be a good fit both to a recruiting company/team and to the candidate’s own requirements. This approach, along with some personal coaching and support to the candidate ensures the very best matches are found for all concerned. KAG go way beyond the standard industry expectations and even continue support many months into a candidate’s new role.

August 17