Where has the year gone… we are now half way through the year and all of sudden you get asked..”are we having a graduate programme this year?”

Don’t panic, you’re not on your own – many businesses are in the same position where they have waited and waited, got holidays out of the way had new projects on the go and all of a sudden its panic time, time has passed you by, the adverts that you have been running haven’t generated enough interest OR you actually made offers earlier in the year and the candidates have withdrawn.. 

What do you do?

We will advertise the vacancy across all of our channels, proactively sourcing suitable candidates for your business.  We will deal with all applications, shortlist and invite (time permitting) to an open day where you can see a selection of candidates available and who are interested in joining your business.

If time is against us we can go straight to Assessment Centre, we will again deal with all invitations and run the day on your behalf you just need to turn up with members of your team ready to find your future leaders.

If you find yourself in this boat, please contact KAG, we would be happy to come and meet you and map out the process on your behalf.

Please contact: info @kagrecruitmentconsultancy.co.uk