Wow…… We just had to write about this….

Appreciate that its very much an Employers market out there right now but WOW, WOW, WOW..  I don’t think I have ever received so many positive feedback emails from candidates that have been interviewing with us over the last few weeks.

As life has got less busy for us all we have found that people have more time to research and prepare more for interviews, looking at the company in detail, their values and what makes them a great place to work for.  Knowing more about the company going into an interview means that you have already committed part of yourselves to them and therefore feedback following an interview becomes very important to you personally and in you ensuring that a company fully understands what you can bring to a new role.

Honestly guys you are really proving a point and showcasing yourself to us, its great to hear your passion, enthusiasm and drive and that you have taken on board all of the Guidance that we have given to you during the interview process.

Previously we have had to chase candidates after interviews which can be both disappointing and frustrating as this doesn’t tell us that you are very keen on the opportunities we are putting you forward to so its so refreshing to see these much needed changes.

We hear a lot about Recruiters not providing interview feedback to the candidates that they work with but never about the candidates and contact they believe they should have…

How do you provide interview feedback as a candidate to your recruiter?

Do you wait for them to contact you?

Are you keen to get your feedback across?

Certainly, in these challenging times the level of competition is fierce so what can you do differently to stand out from the crowd??

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