Only 4% of the UK’s corporate CEO’s are women. By contrast over 50% of the UK’s population is female.

Female entrepreneurs are creating thriving businesses across the UK, and yet many women are still struggling to land executive roles within some of the country’s largest companies. Here we’ll explain why appointing more women to your executive board will help your business to represent a greater proportion of society and therefore increase your profits.

How Well Does Your Executive Team Represent The Society You Live In? 

Social norms are evolving at a rapid pace. If your boards don’t move with the times, you’ll be left in the past. By involving as many women as possible in your executive decisions, your board will benefit from a more diverse spectrum of ideas and opinions. As a result, you will be able to respond to social changes with a more balanced view, that reflects a greater portion of the society, rather than just the more traditional views of the past.

We are not advocating that the only companies that will be successful in the future are ones that have all-female boards. The male viewpoint will always be immensely valuable to businesses. The same goes for the views of those who don’t identify as one specific gender. What we are saying is that by minimising the importance of the female viewpoint in these processes, businesses will miss out on a range of exciting commercial opportunities.

Motivate Your Female Employees To Achieve Their Full Potential

Imagine working in an environment where no matter how many hours you put in, no matter how much revenue you generated for your employer, you never had access to the most influential positions in the company. How demotivating would that be?

By contrast, what if some of your bosses were women? Imagine how inspiring it would be to come to work every day and know that one day, you could be the CEO.

The only way to redress the balance between men and women on corporate boards is to promote more women to executive positions. You will then inspire your female employees to become the leaders of the present and future.

Bringing More Women Onto Your Board Makes You More Money

Unsurprisingly, being able to sell to more of the population boosts your company’s bottom line. Leading financial planning firm MSCI found that boards that maintained three or more female members for three years or more were 1.2 percentage points more productive than their competitors who had fewer women in executive positions. That paper was published nearly two years ago. Imagine how high that statistic is now.


Employing women in senior positions will allow your business to appeal to a far wider range of demographics than an all-male board would give you access to. The result will be a significant increase in both your short-term productivity, and the breadth of long-term commercial opportunities that become available to your organisation.

Recruiting a more diverse workforce can seem daunting, but doesn’t need to. We specialise in finding the most talented individuals from all backgrounds and then helping them to settle in seamlessly to your office culture. 

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