Why Using Multiple Recruiters Just Looks Bad

It can be tempting to advertise your job vacancies through a few different recruiters. Unfortunately, this approach often causes confusion and pushes top candidates away. Here are some of the questions that candidates will ask themselves if they see your vacancies advertised in this way.

Why Don’t They Have An Exclusive Relationship With One Recruiter?

Exclusive relationships mean that employers are regularly being sent brilliant candidates from one recruiter. Candidates know that if they are called for interview by one of these recruiters, then they have a great chance of landing the job, because the recruiter knows exactly what that employer is looking for and is confident that their candidates have exactly those skill sets.

On the other hand, if the same role is advertised by multiple agencies, do any of those agencies really understand exactly what their client wants in that instance. Surely if they did, then the client would just use the one, and wouldn’t have to look for multiple agencies to find value? Candidates know that if they are contacted by multiple agencies about the same role, then it’s not certain that their skill sets are exactly what the relevant employer is looking for and therefore, an interview for that role could be a total waste of time.

How Desperate Are The Employers?

If employers seem to be contacting every recruitment agency whose email address they found on Google to advertise their vacancies, then the demand for those jobs is clearly less than huge. Will candidates really want to apply for a job that nobody else wants? After all, phenomenal growth opportunities would attract more than some passing interest from a tumbleweed on LinkedIn if they genuinely were phenomenal.

By contrast, if candidates use a quality recruiter who has longstanding and exclusive relationships with quality employers, they know that the jobs available represent premium career opportunities.

Do The Employers Take An Equally Scattergun Approach To Everything?

If employers can’t make a clear decision about their preferred recruiter, can they make decisive choices about anything else? Will other aspects of their business also involve consulting multiple different service providers and oblige their staff to make 13 different phone calls before anything happens? Will their business planning and strategy leave employees with more questions than answers?

If a candidate’s experience of the hiring process doesn’t give them absolute confidence that they are dealing with an organised and decisive business, then these questions will linger. They will probably persuade that candidate to turn down the job, or only accept the role if they really need the money. Both of those situations are very far from ideal for everyone involved.

How Committed Are The Recruiters To Your Success?

If recruitment agencies are competing with each other to fill the same vacancies, that should act as a big red flag to candidates. They are almost certainly structuring their businesses like this because they either need the commission generated by filling these roles, or they prioritise the pursuit of this commission over your pursuit of your dream job. This means that if your application ticks the required boxes, you’ll probably be put forward for the role, without any thought as to whether the job in question puts you on the career path that you want to be on.

The long-term cost of this commission grabbing is often a mismatch between candidates and employers, requiring everyone to go through the whole process again.

So How Many Recruiters Should An Employer Use? 

One. Building a relationship with a recruiter who specialises in sourcing great candidates in your sector will add so much value to your business. You want a recruiter who cares about your business and your candidates more than they care about their fees and commission. Be sure to arrange an exclusive agreement with one of these recruiters before a competitor does.

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