We had a great example this week of a candidate who was initially rejected on paper… who then went on to be offered the role after we pushed back.

CVs are often quite a limited and old-fashioned way of displaying a person’s experience and credentials.  They can be quite dry and often don’t convey the motivation, passion and values that a person possesses.

Initially, the CV was rejected based on the fact that the candidate didn’t have experience of working in their particular field of manufacturing.  However, we argued that there were a number of transferable skills from their background in previous roles and the client agreed to have an initial telephone call with them.

From one telephone conversation the whole perception of the candidate changed.  The manager could see what we originally saw in the candidate and quickly booked an interview; subsequently offering them the job.

With over 40 years of recruitment experience between us, we are experts in what we do.  Every CV we send has been thoroughly vetted and screened so that we are confident that they meet the requirements that you are looking for (and maybe even the requirements you don’t know you’re looking for!)

This is why we won a British Recruitment Award for Candidate Experience.  Because we care about every candidate that we put forward and we will do our best to represent what you are seeking and where you can add value to our clients.

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