What Is A Good Reason To Cancel A Job Interview?

Every now and again, you might need to cancel a job interview at short notice. As long as you let a prospective employer know in a timely and professional way, this cancellation won’t hurt your long-term chances of landing your dream role. Here are some completely understandable reasons for cancelling an interview.

You’re Having A Nightmare Journey To Your Interview

Everyone always leaves ample time to get to their interviews. However, sometimes the unexpected happens and a tree chooses the worst possible time to fall onto the train line that you were relying on to get to your interview. Sometimes your car breaks down, or an inconvenient blizzard can completely scupper your otherwise seamless journey from A to B. On other occasions, an unexpected accident can bring traffic to a standstill, leaving you so close, but yet so far from your interview. If any of these events happen, your interviewer(s) will understand, so long as you tell them well in advance of your meeting. They will be more than happy to reschedule if you’ve shown that you respect and value their time, by giving them appropriate notice of the delays that you’re experiencing.

You Feel Ill

No interviewer is going to appreciate being sneezed on. Shivering opposite them is also not going to do you any favours. Interviewers want to speak to you when you’re at your best. If you try to go for the heroics and turn up to an interview when you really should be recovering under a duvet, you won’t do yourself justice and you’ll just end up wasting everybody’s time. By being honest with interviewers about your illness without oversharing or trying to move them with an impassioned poem about the strife and turmoil caused by your cold; you’ll be able to reschedule the interview for when you’re feeling better.

You Can’t Make The Interview Because Of A Last-Minute Emergency

Emergencies happen. Maybe one of your kids is ill at school and you need to collect them. Maybe you’ve had to deal with a family crisis just before you were leaving for your interview and then accidently locked yourself out of the house. Interviewers understand that emergencies often have horrendous timing and will be happy to reschedule your interview, so long as you handle the emergency professionally. Your interviewer doesn’t need to receive a blow by blow account of Luke and Steve’s row and of the deep distress that it has caused your whole family. Sharing this information with employers will make them immediately question your understanding of confidentiality, and will almost certainly result in them rejecting your application. On the other hand, notifying them in general terms that there has been an emergency before your interview will almost certainly result in them rescheduling with you.

You’re Not Interested In The Job Anymore

Maybe you’ve already accepted another job offer. Maybe, on reflection, the job that you’re scheduled to interview for isn’t for you. In either case, if you’ve decided that your skills would be a better match for a different job, then you can save everyone’s time by cancelling your upcoming interview. Even though employers will be disappointed that you might have chosen to work for one of their competitors, they will appreciate that you had enough respect for them and their business to let them know about your decision. You never know when you might need to call them again. Perhaps if the job that you’ve chosen to accept doesn’t work out in the way you were hoping, the firm whose interview you’re cancelling might have the perfect opportunity for you within the year. Cancelling a job interview doesn’t and shouldn’t mean that you have to cancel your relationship with an employer, if you handle the cancellation in the right way. Hopefully the tips above have given you some ideas on how to reschedule or cancel your interview without burning your bridges with a prospective employer.

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