I can’t believe I am writing about this again….but just want to reiterate to anyone currently looking for a new opportunity PLEASE PLEASE ensure you are interested before you commit.

If you are currently in the job market and are looking for a new career please ensure that the role that you apply for or that we contact you about is something that truly appeals to you and that you are committed to the interview process.

When I think about the time we have invested in candidates over the past few weeks discussing opportunities, sending out invitations and preparing them for the Assessment Day for them to then NOT arrive at an Assessment Day is shocking…

Please remember you are not only wasting both your and our time but you have been allocated a space that could have been given to another candidate who genuinely wants the opportunity.

We totally appreciate that not all opportunities will appeal to you but please just be honest and let us know.  Don’t switch you phone off when you are due to arrive or not answer our calls when we attempt to contact you to see where you are (We will actually be waiting for you and potentially delaying the start to accommodate your delay).

You may find yourself in a situation where you see another opportunity that you want us to represent you for in the future that really appeals to you and you DO really want and you apply for it and wish us to represent you for and its quite simple we WONT….

We can’t afford to work with Time Wasters so please don’t be one!