The K.A.G. Experience

We do everything that we can to exceed our clients’ expectations. It’s lovely when they leave kind testimonials on our website. We were overjoyed to receive a testimonial from one of our long-term clients in the Logistics sector.

We were asked earlier in the year to recruit a team of graduates for a new area of their business Speaking about the candidates put forward by KAG, our client’s Director said that they were ‘some of the best candidates they had ever seen in a single group of people.’ So how did KAG manage to recruit a team of graduates who made such outstanding impressions on the client in such a short time frame?


Having worked with the client previously on many occasions, we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity for graduates who we had previously placed with them (who were now in managerial positions) to attend the Recruitment Open Day and be part of the interview panel.  The team’s knowledge of the business and industry gave candidates a fantastic insight into what a typical day in the office would be like, and the performance levels which they would have to maintain working there.

The Hiring Manager interview training “KNOWLEDGE” which we offer to all our clients, enabled the interviewers to ask the candidates questions which would reveal character traits that they look for in all of their graduate hires. Although candidates had already been screened by our team to ensure that they would fit into the client’s culture, these questions allowed our client to ask deeper questions to find out how the candidate might perform in typical day-to-day situations in the office and interact with the different personalities in the team.

In total 10 of the 17 candidates invited to the Recruitment Open Day were hired, meaning that the day delivered enormous value and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who took part.


It was vital to find candidates that were a good fit for the company’s culture. The first step of the process was to meet with the client and establish the values that anyone who we put forward for the role would have to share. We then set out to find the best profile fit for our client. Finding candidates with suitable qualifications and experience was only part of this process. Candidates would only be right for the new team if they saw the world in the same way as our client and shared the work ethic and vision which made our clients global leaders in their industry.

Our “Attention” service is focused on clients who use our services exclusively, as was the case in this instance. We wouldn’t be able to run a Recruitment Open Day with candidates attending from other recruiters when we haven’t profiled them for the business, team and culture and gone through all of our pre-screening processes first.

As a thank you, clients who use our services exclusively receive preferential rates.


As part of our unique “Guidance” service we keep in touch with all of our candidates placed. This allows us to provide the best service possible and ensures that we assist everybody involved in helping the new team seamlessly settle into their new professional lives and ensuring our clients are realising value from our services every day.

How Can We Help You?

If the Knowledge, Attention and Guidance at the heart of everything that we do would help your business make better hiring decisions and in turn have happier teams, then why not talk to a member of our team today?

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