Why Knowledge, Attention & Guidance Sit At The Heart Of Everything KAG do

Our services are unique because of the knowledge, attention and guidance we offer our clients. Here’s why these hallmarks of our brand help our clients to find their dream candidates, and our candidates to find their dream jobs.


“The Interview and Recruitment training provided by KAG was excellent. The day was well thought out, well delivered and enjoyable by all that participated. There were lots of open, honest, thought-provoking discussions as well as interactive tasks and loads of useful hints and tips. Although I have had a lot of experience in recruitment and interviewing, this workshop will certainly add value to future recruitment. Definitely recommended to both experienced and novice Managers”

When we started offering this interview practice to hiring managers, some of them thought that there was nothing we could add to their existing knowledge of interview techniques.  Some even thought that it was quite presumptuous of us to offer this service at all. They left our sessions grateful for the advice they had received and ready to implement our tips to identify and seal their dream hires at interview. We managed to convince sceptical hiring managers to change their opinions so significantly and quickly by presenting interviews from the candidate’s point of view. Everyone wants to hire strong candidates, and at any given time there is only a handful of them on the market. You may only have ten minutes to convince them to choose you. Questions about socials, free pizza and dress down days can make strong candidates feel reassured enough to choose your offer of employment over any others they may receive. Very often, a candidate’s decision to accept a job offer is not based solely on the remuneration package you have offered them, but about whether they like you and whether you have presented your company as an attractive place for them to work. We’ll train you to ask questions that get to the bottom of these issues.


At least 5 of the people I have recruited from Kate have had promotions in the last 2 years which shows the quality of the people Kate puts forward. Thanks for all your help.”

We want all of the staff we place to become long-term employees who get promoted and therefore, we only put forward candidates who we’re sure will be a great fit for our clients.

We prepare candidates to succeed in the roles they’re applying for by advising them extensively before their interviews. This advice goes far further than the extensive interview practice we provide to help them to stay calm in interviews and secure the job. Due to the excellent relationships, we have with our wonderful clients, we are able to give candidates the information they need to know to understand what a typical day at work in our clients’ businesses would look like. That way we are able to ensure that the candidates we put forward fit into our clients’ company cultures easily. This approach has another benefit. If candidates know that they will be working alongside people who think like them, they can start their first day in their new role expecting to make new friends quickly and settle in as soon as possible. Settled staff will often develop into highly-productive team members quickly, as they’ll love their jobs.


“K.A.G is an absolute pleasure to work with. With a proven track record in recruitment, they provide excellent, well-sourced candidates as well as hosting challenging assessment sessions for us to be able to ensure that the right applicants are being recruited into our business. Their brilliant aftercare service with placed candidates provides us with outstanding feedback and the chocolate brownies always go down well with the new recruits!”

3 and 6-month client and candidate reviews are staples of our approach and make a real difference to everyone involved. These reviews allow our candidates and their new employers to discuss everything that is working, and a few things that might not be working so well, so that moving forward, they can enjoy an even more prosperous future together. This saves businesses thousands on training & development without compromising on the quality of the feedback they receive.

We also make those first few days in a new job a bit sweeter by sending cakes to every candidate we place. There may often be times during those early days after you’ve moved to a new office when you miss your old colleagues, feel nervous or just want some cake. We want you to be as happy as possible at work, so we’re more than happy to provide the cake.

The guidance we provide shows candidates how they can be successful in their new jobs and shows our clients how settled their staff really are so that they can make any adjustments required to get the best out of the new-starters we source.

Through the knowledge, attention and guidance that we give to every company who ask us to find new-starters who are perfect fits for their teams, and to every candidate who we place, we help hiring managers to build their dream teams, and candidates to find their dream jobs.