Should you put a photo on your CV? It’s a valid question and one that is highly debated amongst recruiters, employers and job seekers. We have heard both sides of the argument and this time we’re putting it in writing. So, if you’re in a state of deliberation, read this blog before you upload and submit a photo adorned application.

If you are going to provide a photo on your CV, make sure it’s a good one. We live in a world where image is somewhat everything. If you’re a star applicant, you would have carefully selected the language you use on your application to give the best impression of you. So why throw it all away with a poorly selected pic? You are applying as a professional, so look professional. No selfies. No distracting backgrounds. No questionable… props. Think twice before you click upload!

Your CV provides an overview of you as a professional – your skills, qualifications and experience – giving an employer an insight into you as a candidate. Using a photo on your application might send the message that you believe appearance is just as important as the skills you can bring to the role. Which won’t always bode well with employers.

In the same breath, we acknowledge that some industries may lend themselves to photos on your application. For example, casting roles in television, modelling and those professions that require you to be in the limelight may need to see what you look like for a specific purpose.

If you believe your appearance will benefit your application, then maybe consider submitting a video of yourself speaking about why you’re right for the job. This will add much more value to your application than one photograph with good lighting! It might also give employers an insight into your personality rather than just what you look like.

Be wary, a photograph on your CV may enable employers to discriminate against you. Integral employers will not want to see a picture of you to avoid any chance of this happening. Many employment laws and regulations now exist to eliminate discrimination from rearing its ugly head in the hiring process. If you provide a photograph, you undermine them.

By extension, you might be shooting yourself in the foot before you’ve even started the race. Some employers will screen applications and remove any information that could be used to discriminate candidates with. Or worse, not consider them at all.

Struggling to stand out amongst a sea of applications? A photograph of yourself, no matter how professional, isn’t your only option.

If you’d like some further advice on writing your CV and submitting those all-important applications, then check out our candidate guidance service today! We offer CV writing support to upgrade your average application and make it an interview (or even “you got the job!”) worthy. 

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