Recruiting In A Pandemic

Everything seemed calm. The Brexit Withdrawal Agreement had finally made its way through Parliament, January tax bills had been sorted, and everyone was looking forward to a bullish and prosperous 2020.

Then the world changed in 10 days. Countries that many of us might have visited over the half-term holiday have now made it a criminal offence to go outside without good reason. Some of the world’s most lucrative business sectors have been forced to close – possibly for months. In the UK, such panic has set in that supermarkets have had to introduce purchasing limits on all items, and the Government was forced to issue a press release on Thursday morning (19th March) to deny reports that army tanks would appear imminently on the streets of London. To make matters worse, financial markets have crashed globally, and the Pound is now almost at parity with the Dollar and the Euro. The new governor of the Bank of England was probably hoping that his first few weeks in his new job would be a bit less stressful.

Amidst all the panic, it is vital that your business focuses on what matters most: looking after your staff and making sure that they have the skills needed to successfully navigate a way out of this crisis and back to profitability. That means you need employees who have the drive and commitment to achieve fantastic results for your business, while working from home and managing their own time. Our team is here to help you recruit those people. Here’s what we’re doing right now to help our clients out of this corona virus crisis.

We’re Training Employers To Get More From Video Interviews

Video interviews were already an essential part of the recruitment process for many companies. The difference is now that they have evolved from being a pre-screening tool, to an optimal format for final interviews.

As a result, employers need to make sure that they are putting every second of these interviews to good use. We are continually offering training to help businesses get straight to the point during these conversations by asking candidates the questions that matter. When you can’t meet candidates in person, these questions will help you to discover whether they have the skills needed to keep your business running on all cylinders, without wasting any of your time.

Candidates Can Still Be Assessed From Home

The assessment centre will certainly be a thing of the past – for the next few months at least. However, employers can still assess candidates without requiring them to attend a fixed location. Whether they are setting up online assessments for candidates or sending them tasks to complete via email, we are helping our clients to take their assessments into the virtual world.

Virtual testing can also help you to uncover a range of other skills that may not be revealed in a conventional assessment format. Can you trust candidates not to give themselves any unauthorised extra time on tests? Can you guarantee that they won’t use any unauthorised resources to help them during an assessment?

Although this crisis was probably the least welcome way of initiating these changes in working, the world will only become more digitised and require more remote working over time. The crisis could give you an unprecedented insight into how your employees (or potential employees) might respond to a future full of change.

We Are Still Working As Hard As We Always Have Done

Times like these are when our clients need us the most. The team at KAG is working tirelessly every day to provide our clients with as much certainty as possible, no matter what might be on the news that evening.

We can’t control what happens with corona virus, but we can make sure that you have the very best service from us for you to find a way through it.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your business to succeed in spite of this crisis.

It is a very difficult time for all of us but let’s stay focused, positive, safe and work together to ensure we come through this the other side.

Please contact me on: or call on 07738 279413 to discuss how we can work together and provide you our full Knowledge, Attention & Guidance.

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