Why Recruitment Should Always Be A Positive Experience

Recruiters tend to focus on sourcing candidates who fit their clients’ requirements brilliantly, which makes sense, as it is their job. However, how much thought is given to how candidates who just miss out on roles feel about their experiences during application processes? These candidates may be the perfect fit for different opportunities, and it would be tragic if they didn’t apply for them, because their first experience with your agency put them off searching for a job with you (or with another agency) completely. Here’s what you can do to ensure that candidates always have a wonderful experience when they use your services.

Give Detailed Feedback After Unsuccessful Interviews

Candidates can feel disappointed and let down if they don’t get the job after an interview and don’t receive any meaningful feedback on their performance. A standard boilerplate response like ‘Dear X, We regret to inform you that your application for the position of X was unsuccessful due to the incredible competition we have had this year. We will keep your details on file…’ doesn’t tell candidates anything about what they could have done differently to make a better impression at interview and get the job.

Rather, these responses often leave candidates sad and looking for answers. By contrast, if you can give candidates a detailed explanation of what they could have done differently, and what they can change about their interview technique to make a better impression next time, you will fill them with confidence and positivity. You will also create a very happy customer who is confident in your ability to find the perfect role for them, even if it takes a bit longer than they were first expecting.

Screening and Preparation

You have to get to know your candidates if you’re going to find them jobs that they’ll love. If you know exactly which roles each of your candidates would love to work in, then you can ensure that you only put them forward for vacancies in those roles. Then, you need to prepare them well so that they tick all of your clients’ boxes at interview. While you can’t guarantee that your candidates will make great impressions during their interviews, you can do everything in your power to make that as likely to happen as possible. This involves not only preparing candidates to answer specific questions but making sure that they are approaching their interviews as calmly as possible so that nerves don’t prevent them from doing themselves justice on the day.

Investing time in good screening and preparation practices will help your candidates to get hired more quickly. Instead of spending loads of time ‘going back to the drawing board’ with those candidates, you’ll then be able to spend this time helping other candidates to secure jobs that they’ll love. That will ensure that every one of your candidates feels as though you’re giving them a great service, that they would recommend to all of their friends without hesitation.

Find Silver Linings When You Give Bad News

Sometimes your candidate may not be selected for interview. If they interview unsuccessfully, it could be weeks before you arrange their next interview. As well as giving the feedback we mentioned above, it is important to always encourage your candidate, and find the positives in any bad news that you may have to give them. If you don’t have constructive and positive answers for why delays are happening, then your candidate may feel let down, upset, frustrated or all of the above. If you can remain upbeat and persuade your candidate to keep working with you because you’re absolutely determined to find them their dream job, no matter how long it takes, then eventually, you’ll achieve the outcome you both want.

Ultimately, it is crucial to ensure that a candidate only has excellent things to say about the effort you went to in helping them to find their dream job. Even if you weren’t able to secure them that role, if you help them gain confidence and improve either their CV or interview presentation, then you will have added immense value to their job search over the long-term and most importantly of all, they will appreciate it.

The KAG team is committed to doing everything that we can to help you find a job that you’ll love for years to come. We also send all of the candidates who we place a little treat when they first start their new roles. If you would like to enjoy a more positive, prosperous career and also like treats, please upload your CV here. We will then be in touch to discuss what your dream job would be, and how we can work together to secure it for you.

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