One of my favourite quotes by Richard Branson is: ‘Train people well enough so they can leave, TREAT them well enough so they don’t want to.’’

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. With staff turnover increasing year on year in companies across the UK, it is usually down to a management issue rather than a functional one.

Finding a good company to work for doesn’t seem to be an issue. However, finding the right manager can leave you with a headache.

Your manager will determine the atmosphere you work in and life is too short to spend 40+ hours per week in an environment that is over-stressful and makes you miserable.

Now, what makes for a good boss?

What makes a good boss?

If you are a manager reading this, you will know that respect is earned and not a given, which can take time – it doesn’t happen overnight. A relationship has to be worked on and built over time in a positive environment, which will ultimately lead to both sides reaping the rewards.

When considering what makes a good boss, we have to think about what our employees expect from their bosses and how best to achieve this.

Most employees have the same expectations from their managers and the most common ones are:

Respect – Respect has to be earned and works both ways.

Appreciation – Appreciation goes a long way. If an employee does a ‘good job’ then show and tell them you appreciate their hard work and efforts. It is traits like these that make for a good boss.

Empathy – Show that you care about your employees. They are human beings and want to be treated in that way. Situations will happen in their personal lives where they will need you as their manager to show empathy. Do this and they will respect you as a good boss, as well as working harder for you.

Development opportunities – Invest time in developing your employees. They will want to better themselves and develop their skills and position within the company.

Autonomy – Trust your employees to do their job. Respect that they are an expert in their field. Guide them and offer them support but do not micromanage them.

The importance of being a good boss

Knowing how to be a good boss is a really important part of management and employment. Failing to cultivate the traits that make for a good boss can have a detrimental effect on the team and how they view their workplace.

Coming back to Richard Branson’s quote, we want to make sure that, as a good boss, we are treating our employees in a way that makes them want to work for us.

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