It seems that, with recruitment becoming ever more competitive and saturated, companies tend to struggle to differentiate their points of difference beyond the obvious specialisation areas from industry to industry. What are your USPs as a company? When push comes to shove, most will do the same job, at the same price, with the same level of service.

But that’s where I notice a huge difference at KAG. From first hand experience of working at 3 recruitment firms to date, it’s clear to me that KAG is the one offering additional services that add genuine value to the hiring process as well as enhancing the relationships between client, recruiter and candidate.

First, we offer Reviews. Included in the fee, KAG offers to carry out 3 and 6 month reviews with every candidate placed, should the client wish. These short meetings allow candidates a chance to discuss their progress in the first few months of employment, discussing areas in which they have excelled as well as raising any grievances they may have. Generally speaking, this is successful because, especially with more junior employees, having a trusted 3rdparty there provides more of an open forum for honest feedback. 9 times out of 10 the feedback is positive, but on the occasions where there are concerns, we can provide advice on how to approach these situations and can ultimately be a link to the management to help resolve problems that may otherwise have remained dormant. Ultimately the aim is to support both parties in what can be a tricky period, to help maintain that communication and ensure higher rates of retention. I’ve seen this first hand having attended a few last month. It is so rewarding to see the progress that candidates have made in such a short period. Similarly I witnessed it provide the candidates a chance to praise their managers and other team members, which was in-turn fed back and provided a boost for team morale. Every client who has used this service to date has spoken only of the benefits that it has delivered.