Ask any manager what it’s like to make a hiring decision and they will most likely tell you that it’s no easy task for them. Making the right choice can be difficult–especially when they are choosing from a group of well-suited candidates.

So it’s really important to make sure you know how to conduct an interview as the candidate will also be interviewing you….

When is the last time you appraised your own individual interview skills?

What time do you typically spend preparing to conduct an interview?

How well do you understand the role and personal requirement that you are recruiting for?

At KAG we typically work with our clients and support their existing managers by offering interview training.  You may think that’s daft… ”Why do I need interview training? I’ve interviewed candidates for years”…   BUT we all know how busy things can get just doing the day job and maybe the thought process that went into one of your interviews 5 years ago doesn’t necessarily look the same now….

We would be delighted to meet with you and discuss your individual requirements in more detail.  The Knowledge, Attention and Guidance we are able to offer you in this area, ensures that we not only find the right hires for your business, but we train your Managers to ensure they recruit and retain – “SAVING YOU TIME TO FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS”.