KAG Recruitment Consultancy calls for candidates to retrain as the employment rate in Logistics and Engineering soars

As the UK employment rate falls in response to the pandemic, KAG Recruitment Consultancy, Logistics and Engineering specialists, have had fifty new instructions in the last six months within Logistics and Engineering. However, despite the job opportunities, there is a shortage of candidates with the correct skillset.

The office for national statistics states that ‘in November 2020, redundancy rate reached a record high of 14.2 per thousand’ , resulting in an influx of candidates from hard-hit sectors.

Though, with few vacancies in their chosen sector, many job seekers are looking to change their career entirely or to transfer their skill set to another sector. Rapid job creation in Logistics and Engineering seeks to attract new candidates to meet the rising demand.


The IFC suggests that ‘border closures that restricted the movement of goods’ had a detrimental effect on the Logistics industry. Despite this, the industry has adapted by introducing new safety protocols, alternative modes of transport, and service offerings to current demand.

Remote working has naturally changed the way we live, work and shop. Supply must keep up with demand. The industry is dramatically expanding its workforce on a global scale, forcing them to look beyond experienced talent. Instead, they have opened the market to motivated candidates with strong transferable skills.


Engineering within the food industry has also seen a recent job market boom. FDF research estimates that the food and drink industry will need 140,000 new recruits by 2024 to meet market demands.

As popularity for healthier, more eco-friendly food grows, so does the requirement for research. Not only does this sector invite invention and innovation but also promises a key role in the future of global consumption.

However, the call for students exceeds the number graduating. Graduates are in demand regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Unemployment, Mental Health and the Pandemic

The UK employment rate not only threatens economic unease but is also a growing public health concern.

A survey run by the Mental Health Foundation found that just over 20% of people surveyed and 34% in full-time work are concerned about losing their job due to the effects of Covid-19.

Almost 20% of people surveyed who identified as unemployed have had suicidal thoughts and feelings – this is compared to the 8.64% of people in employment

With redundancies on the rise, many employees are going down with their chosen sector’s ship, sacrificing their health and wellbeing – but this does not have to be the case.

Restart, Reinvest and Retrain.

For those tetherless to a career path, the best move may be to restart, reinvest and retrain in an industry with promised longevity and career progression.

“This is an opportunity for people to re-invest in themselves.” says, Kate Gerald, CEO of KAG Recruitment Consultancy. “By retraining in those industries that are buoyant, we can combat mental health and job security head-on.”

With our Candidate Guidance Service, KAG Recruitment offers to support your first steps on a new career path. From your individual application process to CV writing, cover letter support and interview tips and preparation. 

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