How Missing A Job Interview Can Ruin Your Job Search

In the digital age in which we are living, people are able to send messages anywhere in the world at any time, it still surprises us that some candidates still fail to notify us in advance that they can’t make an interview before not showing, despite the fact that the interview has been arranged days, if not weeks in advance.

Candidates need to notify us if they are unable to attend an interview for any reason and we will try to reschedule the interview if they wish us to do so. We have put hours into finding candidates the perfect job opportunities for them after they have asked us to help them to find a job, we are left hugely disappointed by these unexpected absences. Absences show that the candidate has no appreciation for the hard work that we have put into arranging the interview for them. Our clients, who we have spent years building a relationship with, feels let down. Also, your absence before interview has hindered another candidates opportunity.

A Great Job Awaits You

It is important that you attend your interview because you could secure your perfect role regardless if you feel nervous, it’s only natural. If you present, yourself well at interview and demonstrate a wide range of skills; you will make a very positive impact.

You don’t respond to messages; you don’t attend interviews you won’t show up for work… These are questions that you never want to force recruiters or employers to think. The answer to all of these questions will be the immediate discarding of your CV. You’ll miss your opportunity of landing that all-important job, which is an immense shame. It could have gone so well if you’d just turned up.

Missing Your Interview Makes It More Difficult For Someone Else To Get One

When our clients turn up for an interview that we have arranged, they expect a candidate to be there. If a candidate misses an interview, we look terrible. Clients expect us to source them great employees, who will add value to their businesses for many years to come. When one of our candidates doesn’t show up for a job interview with one of our clients, they are left hugely disappointed. If a client chooses to stop working with us because of a no-show at interview, then other talented candidates, who may have found their dream jobs with that client through us, may not have the opportunity to work for them.

Ultimately, please consider that if you don’t show up to an interview, your absence impacts badly on many people. Employers expect people to stick to the commitments that they have made. Failure to do so almost always results in a failure to secure quality employment.   

People Talk

In business, everyone knows someone who knows somebody. Imagine if you miss an interview and then the employer or recruiter you were supposed to meet then goes to a networking event. What do you think they’ll say when a friend asks them how their day was? The conversation would probably go as follows:

Hi Lucy, how was your morning?’

‘It was awful Luke, I had a mountain of work to do, but took time out to interview X for a job because his CV really impressed me and I wanted to give him a chance. Then he didn’t even bother to show up.’

‘I’m really sorry to hear that Lucy, I’ll tell everyone not to bother calling that guy to interview so that their time doesn’t get wasted like yours was.’

‘Thanks Luke, I’d really appreciate that.’

Within about 30-60 minutes the candidate who missed the interview would probably be unemployable within that network, which could encompass hundreds of businesses. Don’t let this be you.

Good Manners Never Upset Anyone

It is highly likely that you’ll need a lot of support from experienced recruiters in order to find the right role for you. That’s OK though, because recruiters are used to providing that support to candidates every day. The quality of this support is what our reputations are built on. However, we need candidates to help themselves before we can help them. If a candidate can’t be bothered to turn up for an interview that we’ve arranged for them, and doesn’t have the courtesy to speak to us beforehand, why should we dedicate more time to them in the future? Whenever candidates behave in this way, they immediately lose the support which would have been crucial in helping them to find that ideal job. Many recruiters, including KAG, will stop representing a candidate after this happens. On the contrary, if an interview goes badly, but you arrive in good time and conduct yourself professionally, then recruiters will be happy to help you to find other opportunities.

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