I don’t know anyone that has started a job and ever truly felt that it was a job for life.  Obviously if companies are able to offer clear progression plans, targets to reach that is achievable in order to gain promotion, flexible working and attractive salary & benefits package then MOST people would seriously rethink this.

However a few things to think about:

According to 26% of the nation’s workforce – its ok to job hop.  As a business grows, your role may change or your circumstances change therefore you can outgrow your current position making it more acceptable to job hop…..

We spend so much time at work in our current lives, more so sometimes that we do with our family and friends – this makes it critically important that you enjoy what you do.

What is an acceptable amount of time to stay in one job???? Some people think one-year, whilst others 3-4.  A potential employer would certainly be alarmed to see a career move every 6 months or every year over a 3 year period.  It certainly does raise alarm bells when you see this, however the same can be said about an individual who works for one company for 20 years plus.  Rather than worrying about someone’s stability in a role, you then start to doubt how flexible they are or how they adapt to change.  If they haven’t moved, how easy will it be to start thinking about  a new product or service that they are working with.

Interested to hear thoughts on this, ACCEPTABLE or NOT!!