to try something new.  If I can do it then anybody can.

After spending the last 30 years in the legal industry I was approached to take on a new challenge of getting into recruitment which scared me to death at first, but has now started me on a new chapter in my life which I am thoroughly enjoying.

When you have been in the same career for many years as I had changing your day job to something completely different can be daunting, but what I have found working now in two different industries is that the skills you learn in one position can easily be transferred to another. 

If you are able to communicate well with people, listen to advice given and be open to new challenges then anything is possible.  Getting out of your “comfort zone” is more difficult the older you get but what I have found is learning new things, having new experiences and meeting new people has given me a new outlook on my career which I hadn’t imagined 12 months ago that I would have. 

Be brave, take the leap you might just surprise yourself.