I know everyone has busy lives and we don’t always get chance to mark off everything on our checklists every day however just some simple tips that I feel are really beneficial when you are dealing with people.

Give feedback, If you have been asked to call or email someone with an update please ensure that you do this even if you don’t have all the information required at the time just keep in contact its common courtesy.

Don’t overpromise and under deliver – if you have been given a task to complete by a certain date please ensure this is done so expectations are met or reschedule another that is suitable for both parties.

You are only as good as your last piece of work/placement – Treat every new assignment like a new client don’t be complacent that you will keep this client forever as someone else will always be ready to take them off your hands.

Always try to make time for people even if you are working 7 days a week, people will value your commitment to them.

And Finally…

It takes years to build a good relationship, trust and respect if communication is lost and business not valued all your hard work will have been for nothing.