​Retention was always a key focus for our clients during 2020 and even more so going into 2021.

Workers have been furloughed yet again and are potentially looking to find new opportunities so where does this leave you and your business? Can we assist you and your business with our UNIQUE services?

  • Knowledge

Let K.A.G. assist you with our Knowledge service to ensure that your business not only has a structured approach to its interview process but to ensure that you attract and retain the right people by knowing how to do this in the most effective way.

Remember the candidate market as we once knew it has changed, so you will need to know more than ever how to sell yourself and your business opportunity to them.

We would be delighted to meet with you and discuss how our KNOWLEDGE service can assist your business and ensure that you sell yourself in the best possible way to your target audience.

  • Attention

Let K.A.G. give you our full ATTENTION!

Working closely with both our clients and candidates guarantees that we can give you our absolute attention. This is key to ensuring that we place the right talent within your business.

  • Guidance

Let K.A.G. Guide you and your new starters to give you the reassurance that the best decisions have been made and to feel happy in the fact that your onboarding process is working and your new starters are happy.

Remember how you felt starting in your career, how do you want your new hires to feel within your business.

Having now moved to a home working environment this is even more important so maybe your onboarding process needs a revamp…K.A.G. Can assist you to aide your retention, development and reassure you that your new starters are happy within the business.

So … Do you want to find out more about K.A.G.’s 3 Unique Services? Can we assist you with our Knowledge, Attention & Guidance??

If the answer to any of these areas is a big fat YES … then please contact me on 07808 674799 or email me on charlie@kagrecruitmentconsultancy.co.uk 

Take Care and Stay Safe – Charlie

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