Interviews can seem really daunting but I feel they are also extremely character building, you learn more about yourself and actually what you DO & DON’T want each time you interview.

 I have worked with several candidates over the years who are still enjoying a successful career with the company that I represented them with however at the start of the process they nearly withdrew due to nerves and self-doubt.

The advice that I would give is – work with a recruiter who can develop you, understands your skillset, profile and career aspirations.  This will aide your confidence and belief in yourself so that when you attend the interview, even if you are not successful you will know that you presented yourself in the best way.


 If you commit to attend an interview, GO, even if you feel it may not be 100% the opportunity you are looking for you will only really be able to answer this question once you have been and also interviews are great experiences to learn and develop yourself.

 Last bit of advice don’t go to ground….i.e, no show at interview, not answering your phone or emails, this will not assist you in your career search but only damage your reputation in the market place.