Interviews can be painful for everyone involved. The hiring manager, the recruitment consultant and of course the candidate who is being interviewed. Ultimately the whole process is to determine whether the candidate is right for the company, has the relevant skills and experience and to see if they are a good fit for the team.

Interviews really could be less painful if everyone involved communicated effectively. At the start of the process, clear expectations should be set on timescales for feedback to be provided and decisions to be made and then stuck too.

As a hiring manager if you have said you will provide feedback on the same day of the interview, then please make sure you do. Right now, it’s a candidate driven market so we are urging Managers to give feedback as soon as they have made a decision to ensure the candidate doesn’t drop out of the process. This also goes for candidates, make sure you contact the consultant who is managing the process for you to give your initial feedback following interview so they can let the company and hiring manager know and set expectations.

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