It’s just over three years ago, I received my final classification from university.

Where has that time gone?

As I have been seeing beaming proud photos of graduates popping up on my timeline in their cap & gowns, it has got me reminiscing about my graduation, first ‘proper’ graduate job search and the whole interviewing process.

I have always been confident; however, I think anyone would be lying if they said they weren’t nervous for an interview. Apart from passing my driving test (yes it did take me 6 attempts), it was the most nerve-racking and bizarre experience I had been through.

I had my fair share of interviews before finding the right graduate role & company for me.

What was apparent is the different type of styles each interviewer would use.  In one instance, I was being interviewed by three different managers who really adopted the …. “let’s intimidate and pile the pressure on and see what happens approach”. I left that interview confused, annoyed and wondered how those managers got to the positions they were in, not to mention I then thought the whole company probably had the same approach and I would NEVER want to work for a company like that.

Now I’ve worked in graduate recruitment for nearly three years I know this isn’t the case but unfortunately, I have heard numerous stories of graduates having really negative interview experiences. I think some of the Managers forget that right now it’s a candidate’s market and they are assessing whether you are the right manager, team and company for them as much as they are for you.

So my advice to graduates who are about to enter the world of interviewing is….

– Keep an open mind

– Ask the person who is interviewing you what you REALLY want to know about the company

– Don’t feel you need to conform, let your personality shine through

and if you have a negative interview experience, don’t let it put you off the company.

Good Luck and if you need any help in securing your first graduate position drop me a DM.