Are you a social media junkie? Always posting, Snapchatting, Tweeting…  Have you ever thought of who your target audience is?

Your profile may be private – BUT that doesn’t stop potential employers from being able to see the content you are putting out.  Have you ever thought about the impression your next manager may have about you, before you even meet?

Before an interview, most candidates view the person they are being interviewed by whilst researching the company and profile.  At the same time the Hiring Manager or HR Manager may be looking at your profile..

So a few words of advice.

Ensure that your accounts are locked down on privacy mode.

That your profile picture is appropriate and represents you in the best possible way.

Email address – please ensure that you use your name and not something that could be interpreted in the wrong way.

Don’t get involved in online chat that could ultimately cost you an interview or worst still you get through to interview and then don’t get offered the role due to content that has been witnessed.

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