Recruitment is a 3 way street of communication and action, if one of those falls through, the process grinds to a halt. At present, the market is heavily candidate focused, with many options at their fingertips and companies jostling to attract the best talent.

We recognise that in the majority of cases, managers are juggling multiple responsibilities, with recruitment often at the lower end of their priorities. With that said, it is easy to forget that as the initial point of contact with a candidate, they become the face of the company. This is where interview training comes in. We aren’t going to come in and tell you what you’re looking for, of course you know far more about that than we do, but what we do know are certain techniques and approaches that can get more out of the interview for both you and your candidate. We can offer insight from the perspective of the interviewee and what they consider throughout the hiring process. From the first greeting to the signing of the contract, even down to how you brand yourself on LinkedIn, we can provide guidance on areas that you probably hadn’t thought about, but which may be the difference between securing the perfect person for the role.