Like it or not, we all have a reputation to maintain, and it is easier to destroy than you may think. Your reputation might be the only thing between you and your dream job! 

Your professional reputation is so important especially when it comes to landing a job, it sticks around with you for a long time, and it is harder to build up than to kick down. Having a track record of bad habits is enough to have an employer or recruiter overlook you in a heartbeat. 

We understand that many candidates are unaware of the impact of their actions, so we are here to turn your red flags green! Here are some common mistakes that we see everyday:

Being unresponsive

Are you guilty of ghosting? Do your friends say that you are hard to get hold of? 

This is a problem that rings true with many candidates. However, it can be much more detrimental to them professionally than it is socially. 

We find that candidates often apply for a role but don’t pick up the phone when we follow up, this wastes our time, the employer’s time, and the candidate’s time. There is not much point in taking the time to complete an application if you are not truly interested in the role.

We’ve written a whole blog on the power of the phone call. Check it out.


We understand that you like to keep your options open. We encourage having a shop around to find what is right for you. 

But many candidates take this all too literally and use a new opportunity to try and get a counter-offer from their current employer. This comes across as disingenuous and can damage your reputation drastically. This wastes the time of your recruiter and the employer as you are spending time in the process to inevitably drop out.

Accept a job offer then back out

This mistake follows on from the last. 

Accepting a job offer then backing out has a huge cost to your reputation. People in an industry often network and know each other. Or, even worse, they get an influential job at a different company. People from one company have a habit of popping up at another and you don’t want to be known as a flaky candidate before you’ve even sat down for an interview.

Being quick to criticise your current employer

When a candidate is quick to throw their current employer under the bus in an interview it raises suspicion. By being too quick to criticise your current employer when asked “why do you want to leave your current position?” you show a lack of integrity. 

From the employer’s perspective, who is to say that you won’t be spouting the same story about them to a new company in six months? An employer will avoid taking anyone on that could damage their reputation too. 

Knowing how to act and how to present yourself when going through the recruitment process can be a challenge, so we hope this blog has helped give you some tips and tricks on how not to ruin your reputation when looking for a job. 

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How to Ruin Your Reputation when Looking for a Job