Many clients don’t realise the impact that their recruitment processes have on their brand.

Every company is defined by the quality of the goods and services that they provide. They need to hire the most talented people available in order to deliver excellent results for their clients and customers. That means that maintaining good relationships with quality recruiters is essential to the success of your business.

If your interview style puts these recruiters and their candidates off, then you will find it very difficult to assemble the teams who will take your business to the next level. Here’s how to make sure that nobody you interview ever has a bad experience and that you maintain those crucial relationships with recruiters for many years to come.

Be Welcoming

Candidates might be very nervous before their interview with you, especially if they are walking into an enormous office to meet you. Asking your team on reception to be as friendly as possible and offering candidates a drink while they wait, will really help them to get rid of those nerves and do themselves justice during the interview. It also means that even if the interview is unsuccessful, candidates will remember you positively.

Provide Detailed Feedback

Communication isn’t just about the frequency with which you contact your Recruiter/Candidates. It’s also about how you break good and bad news to them. If an interview hasn’t gone to plan, a candidate will really appreciate it if you take the time to break the interview down for them and tell them exactly where they could have improved. Then they will be able to make the required improvements in time for their next interview, and will then be far more likely to ace it.

If you leave your candidates asking questions after an unsuccessful interview, then they won’t know where they underperformed and will almost certainly repeat the mistakes of their previous interview in their next one. Taking the time to assist candidates in this way will mark your brand out as one that really cares about anyone who it comes into contact with.

Don’t Make Candidates Wait Too Long For Their Interviews

If you are late to your own interview, or you ask a candidate to wait for ages while you are ‘busy’ dealing with something that is clearly more important than them, why should they stay and wait to talk to you. You might end up losing one of the best candidates of the year just because you couldn’t get yourself organised.

Taking Calls During An Interview Looks Terrible

Hello good morning, I have so little interest in this candidate’s career path that I decided to speak to you about the weather’ is exactly how taking a call during an interview will come across.

Please turn your phone off or put it on silent when interviewing candidates. It’s just good manners.

Avoid Asking Irrelevant Questions During An Interview

Imagine if you were holding a blade of grass in your hand, what colour would the grass be?’ is the kind of question that will make candidates ask themselves why they ever phoned you in the first place. When targeted to the role under discussion, philosophical questions can reveal interesting personality traits and skills in candidates. However, when botched, these questions just come across as vague, a bit pompous, and in no way useful to the candidate who you’re interviewing.

You work hard to build your business. Don’t put off the best candidates and recruiters with bad interview practices that lead to bad candidate experiences. Hopefully, these tips will help you to avoid any of these practices.

If you do however require further assistance with not just how to provide more detailed feedback but also how to conduct the right interview and represent your business in the best possible way then KAGs “KNOWLEDGE” service  would be a great addition to provide to your Management team. And read more about being a good manager.

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