Calling all undergrads and postgrads! It is that time of year again when your deadlines are fast approaching or have been submitted, and graduation is looming. All that study is finally coming to a head with the reward of a shiny certificate at the end and a fine qualification to add to your CV. 

Have you already secured your dream opportunity or are you fretting over what comes next? We know that the future is a frightening thought, and you want to make sure you make the right decision when getting a job after university.

Staring in the face of adulthood with nothing set in stone can make it all the more daunting and we all know about living in uncertainty thanks to the last year!

But it is now time to look ahead and feel excited about what is to come. There are hundreds of opportunities out there (all you have to do is look for them). Keep reading our blog on getting a job after uni and see if you learn a few tips and tricks on how to navigate the working world.

1. Appear professional on social media

You have probably heard it a thousand times before but what you put on the internet matters. What seemed like a good idea a few years ago might not paint you in the best light now, especially to employers.

Build up a professional profile on LinkedIn (the perfect platform for bragging rights.) Shout about your achievements, engage with interesting articles, and follow the moguls of your dream industry. It will show that you have a genuine interest and enthusiasm in establishing yourself as a professional. 

2. Use Recruitment Agencies

Well, we’re not here to toot our own horn but we do really know our stuff when it comes to getting a job. Recruitment agencies will help you a hell of a lot with their specialist knowledge and experience in the industry. 

They can guide you to a perfect opportunity and even find out those that you might have overlooked. Recruitment agencies are perfect for providing career and recruitment advice services, often at a time when you might need it most.

3. Tailor every application for the role

When applying for jobs after university, make sure that each role you apply for is tailored to the application. Cover letters make you stand out and give you an extra edge. Pick out keywords, phrases, and skills that are mentioned in the job description and make sure they are peppered through your application. 

Some companies tend to skim over applications that don’t resonate with them – we give you permission to stick out like a sore thumb!

4. Put the research in

If you think you have done enough research for a company and their industry, 9 times out of 10 you probably haven’t. It can be a bind – we know – but it might be the difference between you and another candidate. Find out about their competitors, their mission, their values, stalk them on social media, and pick out industry headlines to ensure your research is topical.

5. Don’t apply to every role you see

We find that many graduates think that quantity over quality is king when it comes to finding a job – but that just isn’t the case! When graduates apply for anything and everything, it makes it difficult for us to fully understand what they are looking for. 

When getting a job after uni, you want to ensure you are making good decisions that you will be happy with months down the line. Be specific in your job search and have an idea of what role/industry you are aiming for.

6. Read the full requirements

A lot of opportunities extend further than your own stomping ground. Ensure you have read the full requirements for the role so that if you need to relocate and do not wish to, you don’t waste the time applying.

7. Ensure you have the required degree for the role

This one goes without saying but is so important. Make sure you have the qualifications and grading necessary for the role, employers won’t waste their time reading through your application if you don’t meet the regs.

8. Be available to interview

You would be surprised at the number of candidates that apply for roles to then say that they can’t interview. This is a huge no-no. Not only does this look bad to the employer and the recruiter but it can damage your reputation. 

As a graduate with little to no experience, you need as good of one as you can get, so be sure when searching for that important job after uni that you’re available for interviews. 

9. Don’t accept the offer and then decline it

This is bad etiquette in the world of work. 

If you want to be respected as a professional, you need to show that you can act like one and this is rule 101. Believe it or not, in industries, people in one company have a habit of talking to another and this move could stop you from being considered elsewhere.

10. Don’t get disheartened

Ok, it is easier said than done. You have spent endless hours submitting applications, tailoring applications, and writing cover letters but you are getting nothing back (not even to say no!). When looking for a job after university, however demoralising your job search feels, don’t give up. You’ve got this!

The sad truth is job hunting takes time. Each unsuccessful application will help you to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Put it all down to experience and you will learn to make the right changes until you land your graduate role!

Whether you need CV advice, interview tips, or some of our recruitment guidance, our support and resources are here for you.

Getting a job after university