It is easy to want to recruit a mini version of yourself. After all, you work well in the business, and you do your job well. Why would you want to deviate from what already seems to be a match made in heaven?

Point noted. But we know from experience that no one wants to work in an office of clones. Productivity might be high but there is nothing new ever coming to the table. Without fresh eyes and new insight, how can you ever expect a business to grow?

It would be a boring world if everyone was the same and frankly, we’re dead against it. We’re here to help you to learn how to find your perfect team (or tribe, as we like to say!) to form a dynamic and collaborative task force that works for you. Keep reading to learn how to hire the best candidate.

How to hire the best candidate

When looking to find good candidates for the job, we have a wealth of experience in this area. Find out our top tips on how to hire the best candidate now.

1. What does the candidate’s profile look like?

When looking to hire the best candidate, be sure to look beyond the skill set when it comes to putting your team together. Look at personality, team fit, and where new members can really add value. 

If the role requires liaising with clients, then a wallflower won’t do. If it asks for someone who is able to process large quantities of data, then you need someone who isn’t easily overwhelmed. 

Is your team full of bubbly, big personalities who enjoy socialising after work? Or maybe they are introverted people who like their day to be well structured and prefer routine.

Ask the right questions to smell out the perfect candidate that has the right personality for the role and the team. Make sure you don’t make any interview mistakes.

2. What are you currently lacking in the team?

If a recruit has exactly the same qualities as yourself, they probably have the same weaknesses and ultimately your business is going to suffer as a consequence.

Have you had an increase in business and your team is tired of spinning plates? Hire smartly and figure out exactly what area needs an extra pair of hands. This won’t only alleviate pressure but will boost productivity and office morale.

3. What area needs strengthening?

Like most things in life, before you improve, you need to find the weaknesses. By doing this, you can address which areas of your team need strengthening and where you are best to focus your efforts. 

Dive deeper into the area that you want to hire for. What individuals carry out similar duties? What are their strengths and weaknesses and where could they use a helping hand? Maybe you need to create an entirely new role, or maybe you need to hire someone to support a key member of your team?

These are all factors to think about when trying to hire the best candidate.

…Or maybe you need a totally different approach

Maybe your team is clashing too much. You want to find harmony, but not sure how or where to even begin? You might need a few new faces to switch up the team dynamic and keep people on their toes.

That’s where we come in. At K.A.G. recruitment we are passionate about people and oversee all sides of the recruitment process.  

Our interview & recruitment coaching gives you 121 access to our recruitment training and knowledge to help you to find the right team so that you can be content in knowing you’ve found your perfect tribe. 

In our 25 years of experience, we know what employers want and what candidates want back. With our constant communication and feedback that we receive from both ends of the recruitment spectrum, we have been able to decipher the most effective and efficient interview methods – saving you time to focus on your business.