How To Calm Your Interview Nerves

Everyone will feel a bit nervous before an interview. It’s only natural. If the conversation goes well, you could achieve a new milestone in your career and enjoy huge personal and financial rewards in the very near future. It is easy to feel like if the interview doesn’t go well, that you’ve failed because you’ve missed out on this enormous opportunity. It really concerns us when we hear about people thinking of interviews in this way, because they’ve done so well to get to this stage of the process.

Here we’ll give you some tips on how to keep those nerves at bay and do yourself justice in interviews.

Believe In Yourself

Having a career that you enjoy is a fantastic achievement. Progressing in that career is the icing on the cake. Sometimes we can all become so consumed with reaching the next level of the pay scale or working in a bigger office, that we forget the success that we’ve already enjoyed. Everyone has a different set of experiences, and has had to overcome different challenges to get where they are. If you’ve managed to come through everything that life has to throw at you, and have landed an interview for a role that you would love, then you’ve already achieved something incredible. If you get the job, then that’s the icing on the cake.

If you go into the interview thinking about this achievement, rather than worrying about what you might not achieve on the day, then you will be far less stressed when you meet your interviewers.

Now about that icing….

Preparation Is Key

Researching the company that you’re interviewing with in detail before the big day will help you do far more than just find answers to any difficult questions that they might ask you. It will also help you to give them the answers that they want to hear. While it is impossible to know every question that you’ll be asked in advance of your interview, arriving with a clear understanding of what is involved in the role and how you could add value to it, will help swing the conversation in your favour. If you raise a particularly interesting point about what you would add to the role, this could lead to a fascinating discussion in which both you and your interviewers briefly forget that you are both, in fact, still in the middle of a formal job interview. It will also make that interview very difficult for your competition to follow.

Plan How You’ll Get There

Having a highly stressful journey to your interview will almost certainly wreck your nerves and create a bad impression on arrival, particularly if you arrive late. You’ll then pick up on this impression and it will make you feel even worse during the interview itself. An easy way to avoid this negativity is to allow ample time when you leave for your interview. It can be so easy to spend an extra ten minutes perfecting your answers just before you set off, and then to squeeze in another five minutes of practicing these answers in front of the mirror before actually shutting the front door and heading out. Unfortunately, this extra practice might mean that you neglect the most important part of your interview: getting there on time.

On the actual day there’s no more practice that you can do. The most important thing is to make sure that you arrive in plenty of time. If you have a long way to travel, or you’re unsure of the route, look this up well in advance, time how long your journey will take, and then add an extra 15 to 20 minutes so that you’re not tight for time. If your interview is in a different city, you might want to go down the night before, to prevent any issues caused by train delays.

If you know how you’ll get to your interview well in advance of having to get there, then you’ll give yourself one less thing to worry about on the day itself.

Arrange Something Fun To Do Afterwards

Spending hours going over everything you said during your interview when you get home will do nothing to help you get the job. All it will do is stress you out and make the next few days unbearable for you. On the other hand, going for a meal with a friend will completely take your mind off the interview and allow you to properly relax after it. Whatever you choose to do; whether you go for a meal, spend time with family or simply watch a film, it doesn’t matter. All that matters, is that you feel good about yourself after your interview and that you’re able to walk into the rest of the week without dwelling on what happened in the company that you walked out of a few hours ago.

Interviews can quickly turn into highly stressful experiences. They don’t need to.  Enjoy them…..Hopefully by following the tips above, you can reduce any nervousness that you’re feeling before that all-important conversation to an absolute minimum, and have the confidence to show your prospective employer exactly why you would be a perfect fit for their role and business.

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