There’s a difference between making a hire and making an exceptional hire. Here’s how to make sure that anyone who hire is the best candidate for the job.

Strengthen Your Brand

The best candidates are attracted to companies who they feel are the best in their sector. It’s not enough just to be an established firm with marquee clients. You need everyone to know about it. Imagine if a once in a cohort candidate didn’t apply for your vacancy and instead preferred one of your mediocre competitors, because that competitor had a more attractive and interactive website. Believe us; it happens.

To avoid this travesty, you need to make sure that you have an active presence wherever the candidates you would like to attract are. Do you regularly have a stand at University careers festivals? Do you offer workshops to talented graduates? How active are you on LinkedIn and other social networks? How easy is it to apply for jobs on your website? Do you regularly attend business networking events?

If not, start doing all of these things immediately and make sure that the candidates who you want to hire, want to apply for your vacancies.

Move Quickly

Very often, job interviews end with recruiters informing a candidate that, ‘if successful, you will hear from us in due course.’ If you delay in giving top candidates attractive offers, they may well be employed by a competitor by the time that you notify them of your interest in hiring them.

When you’re sat in an interview suite, opposite someone who you know is the future of the industry and you’re sure will lead your company into another decade of profitability; you need to hire them before someone else does. These opportunities don’t come around often. If you don’t move as quickly and efficiently as possible when they do, your business will miss out.

Write Exciting Job Descriptions

You need your job descriptions to persuade the most talented candidates in your sectors to cancel all their plans and spend the rest of the evening preparing a great online application for the role. Explain not just what the job involves and what it pays, but detail what makes your company culture so special and why it would give the ideal candidate an ideal working environment.

Make The Most Of Social Media

As mentioned above, social media is a crucial element of your recruitment process. Almost everyone has a profile on Facebook, and many people use Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat on a daily basis. As well as using these networks to display notifications of vacancies, why not also use them to share video tours of your offices or selfies from your latest team meal or away day? Through social media, you can give candidates a real insight into what a typical day working for your business would involve and ensure that only those who share your company’s values apply.

Social media is also fantastic for finding and vetting candidates. As well as seeing if any of your applicants had rather too much fun in Ibiza over the summer, you can also use Facebook to create and send targeted adverts. You can use this targeting to ensure that these adverts are seen exclusively by candidates who have certain personality traits.

You can then hop over to LinkedIn and find out more about those candidates’ professional experiences before building a rapport with them through the platform’s messaging service.

Social media could do far more than help you to identify the perfect candidates for your vacancies and invite them to interview; these networks can save you hours of time in the process.

Match Jobs And Personalities

When you’re hiring, it can be easy to focus on the CVs that you have in front of you and not pay much attention to candidates’ personalities. This can lead to you missing out on those ‘rough diamonds’ who may have performed far better than the perfect candidate on paper, if you’d given them a chance. After you’ve made the most of social media in pre-screening, asking questions on your application forms about an applicant’s interests and preferred working habits can provide you with invaluable detail about whether their personality would be a perfect fit for your team.

Interview More Interestingly

In an interview, you already know a candidate’s backstory. Asking them to present a highlight reel of this history just wastes time during an interview. By contrast, if you can find out whether they share your vision for your business’s growth and demonstrate that they have the drive needed to achieve the success to which you both aspire; your interviews will provide answers to those lingering questions that you had before making a hiring decision. Structure your questions so that they help you to find out this information.

Monitor Your Reviews

Before a candidate even clicks through to your website from Google, they will see your reviews. Making sure that your customers are always happy with your service and even happier to leave you great reviews online, will make sure that top candidates apply for your vacancies without any hesitation whatsoever.

For hiring advice that will help your business to onboard excellence whenever you recruit, get in touch with a member of our team today