This isn’t great for anyone but just a few tips on how to conduct yourself if you ever find yourself in this situation.

Easier said than done but it’s not personal, so try not to take it to heart

Shouting or behaving in an argumentative way doesn’t help anyone, as a recruiter we have to give both good and bad news..the worst part of our job is giving the bad news to a candidate that we wouldn’t have put forward for a role if we didn’t feel they were suitable but for whatever reason the client has decided they are not going to hire you please try to contain your emotions as we HATE this part of the job and ultimately we will still want to assist you going forward.

A fantastic email I received recently from a candidate thanked me for working with him on an opportunity and despite not being offered he had thoroughly enjoyed the process – how graceful …and a much better way to view the decision even if you don’t feel it’s fair at the time to use it as a learning experience going forward.

FINALLY – Every interview you go to is work experience, use it to strengthen your character and utilise feedback given to ensure that you correct any areas that have been highlighted to you and ensure that you stand out at you next interview for all the RIGHT reasons.