Businesses hire recruiters to find them great employees while saving them hours of time. Recruiters also help these businesses to hire staff who are not just looking for a short-term or interim job, and will stay with them for years to come. Businesses then avoid situations where new staff have to be expensively replaced six months into their new roles. They also take on team members who hit the ground running and begin to deliver value on arrival.

At KAG Recruitment, we specialise on sourcing candidates who quickly become indispensable members of our clients’ teams. As the teams we work alongside know that we will always send them quality candidates, they trust us to manage their entire recruitment process. They get back hours of saved time each month as a result. Here’s how we achieve all of that so consistently.

How Do We Guide Your Employee Satisfaction?

We ask all the candidates who we successfully place to review their new positions with us at both 3 and 6 months. This gives everyone the chance to talk to someone outside of the business – but who knows it very well – about any issues that they may be experiencing at work but also to talk about how great it is.

The result is that managers gain insights into their questions about employee satisfaction by receiving answers that their new hires may not feel comfortable giving to someone within the company.

These reviews allow candidates to understand the challenges that their managers are facing, and interpret any issues that they may be experiencing in the context of their managers’ efforts to help the company grow. The result is that our work facilitates meaningful and productive dialogues between managers and their staff which help to improve everybody’s performance.

How Do we focus our Attention to Save Our Clients’ Time?

Our Attention service is an excellent example of our focus on the minor details whenever we are sourcing staff for a client. Would that person fit in well to the client’s office culture? Would they make friends quickly in the office? Does their approach to work match our client’s? These are just some of the questions that we ask when searching for candidates, in order to find the perfect people for your business. The result is that our clients rarely waste time interviewing candidates who are non-starters. The consistently high percentage of our candidates who are successful at interview is a reflection of the attention to detail with which we scrutinise every CV that we receive. We are enormously proud of the amazing 92% retention figure which we have maintained across our business over the last two years.

Our Knowledge service provides managers with the training they need to get the most out of their interviews. Managers who had spent decades interviewing candidates, and thought that they knew all there was to know about hiring, left our sessions with page after page of notes. After the sessions, they were happy to admit they had been guilty of some of the classic interview blunders that we talk through. They then implemented new techniques that helped them to make hiring decisions more quickly than they ever had before, while hiring better candidates. Better still, these techniques ensured that they were as passionate about candidates’ success, as candidates were about driving their business forwards. Who doesn’t love saving huge amounts of time without ever having to compromise on quality?

How Does KAG Go The Extra Mile To Secure You Great Candidates And Give You Our Knowledge?

We know our clients’ businesses so well that we are able to tell candidates everything that they need to know about working for that employer, before we put them forward for interview. The result is that the candidate knows exactly what type of environment they will be walking into if they get the job, who they will be working with and what results their work will be expected to achieve. This means that they can settle in as quickly as possible and rapidly show our clients exactly why they made the right decision in hiring them.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

André Partridge was kind enough to leave us a wonderful testimonial. He said that overall, our services are ‘really beneficial for not just myself but for my team’ and that ‘when it comes to hiring, KAG saves me a lot of time’. André particularly enjoyed our Hiring Manager coaching sessions, which gave him ‘a really holistic approach to ensuring (that) interviews are as successful as possible’.

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