More than 9 million UK employees are set to be furloughed over the next few weeks. The aim of the scheme is to provide business owners with enough cash to keep going through the current Coronavirus turbulence. The scheme allows them to claim 80% of their employees’ salaries (up to £2,500 per month) back from the Government. Then they will be able to welcome their staff back to work as soon as Government advice changes.

But how do you make sure that your employees will still be motivated to give you their all when you ask them to come back to work? Here we will give you some tips on keeping your people passionate about your business while they’re on furlough, and only earning 80% of their salaries.

Arrange Regular 121 Calls

It’s only natural that your furloughed employees will be feeling concerned by the current Coronavirus situation. If you take the time to regularly call them and talk them through your decision, they will see you as a great employer who was forced to make an incredibly difficult decision to put them on furlough in unprecedented times. They will also use this time that they’re spending off work to think about how they can help your business bounce back as quickly as possible.

When furloughing employees, clear and considerate communication is vital. Sending somebody an unsympathetic letter and then not contacting them again for months is a sure-fire way to persuade them to look for work elsewhere. The few companies who have communicated in this way have then been inundated with criticism on social media. Nobody needs a PR crisis on top of the present crisis. Call your employees, keep everyone happy, and keep the matter offline.

Take Group Meetings Online

Several years ago, people thought of zoom as referring to a close-up photo. In recent weeks, the word has become synonymous with the video conferencing app of the same name that allows your team to maintain regular face-to-face contact even though they can’t meet in person.

By keeping everyone to a schedule you will help your furloughed employees to maintain some structure in their lives while they’re staying at home. If they are regularly watching Netflix until 4am every night, it will be much more difficult for them to readjust to a typical working schedule and get back to their usual performance levels as quickly as possible when things get back to normal.

These meetings will also help your teams to retain a crucial sense of friendship and togetherness. If everyone can help each other through this period, then everyone will be fully committed to helping the business recover on the other side of all this.

Allow Your Furloughed Staff To Pursue Their Passions

There’s no reason why your furloughed staff can’t use this time to boost their skills in other areas. If they want to learn a new language, why not cover the costs of their online tuition? They will then be able to use these language skills to help your business push into new markets when they are able to get back to work. If they have a passion for cooking or yoga, why not support that too?

Apart from benefiting your business in the long-term, helping your people to keep their mental health in tip-top condition is just the right thing to do. Everyone needs some help in getting through this. Your furloughed employees will be hugely appreciative of any efforts you make to reassure them over their futures and make this time as manageable for them as possible.

We’re all in this together so let’s support each other, stay motivated, and stay safe while we’re all at home.

If you would like to find out more about supporting your furloughed employees and having everyone ready to fire on all cylinders when we come out the other side then please get in touch, if I can assist or support you in any way please don’t hesitate to contact me.

When your business is ready to open up again have a clear plan to do so

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