I’ve recently been working on a new, niche, exiting role.

I am waiting for feedback from two candidates that are at final stage interview, both candidates had super positive initial feedback. They have both been great to work with and have amazing energy… I sooo wish there were two roles available.

Friday afternoon and the offer came …

Candidate 1 – I called gave the offer and he was ecstatic “Thank you very much. I really appreciate all your support; I am really grateful to you”

Candidate 2 – I considered putting off telling him until Monday as I didn’t want to ruin his weekend but then I thought all I am doing then is delaying the inevitable and the sooner he knows the sooner he can start looking for new opportunities… I had to break the news … It was one of the hardest things I have had to do within my job.

It is extremely important to ALWAYS give honest, constructive feedback as this helps your candidate move on and prepare for their next interview/opportunity.

Giving bad news is the worst part of my job its always great to give good news however it’s the worst part to tell a candidate they haven’t been successful and its about doing this in the best possible way.

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