We know December is such a hectic time of year. Most Managers juggling organisation of the annual Christmas party, reviewing the past 12 months and planning for the new year, it can be hard to keep up.

There’s a myth that people don’t advertise, recruit and hire in December. We want to set the record straight. There are lots of reasons why advertising a vacancy in December is beneficial, even if you aren’t planning for a candidate to start the role until the end of January, start planning now!


Although you might not be hiring someone in December, advertising a role gives you a head start on the recruitment process, which can sometimes take longer than you expect. If you know an opening is coming up with your team or company, its worth taking the time ensuring the hiring process is right to ensure you secure the best candidate within the market for the role. Some companies leave their advertisements until January – we don’t recommend this because the sudden rush of new roles and then new candidates in the market place can create a hectic recruitment process.


Advertising your vacancy throughout December gives YOU to as employer and the candidate TIME. Time for the candidate to review the job spec in detail, tailor their application for you and research the company. Time for you to discuss with your recruiter what you are looking for in a candidate or ensuring the advert is perfect so it attracts the right candidates for your company.

Annual Leave

Lots of people book time off leading up to Christmas, some to get organised, to spend some extra time with family members, or just because they need to use their annual leave up before the New Year kicks in. This is majorly advantageous for you as an employer to book in telephone, Skype or face to face interviews with potential candidates as they won’t need to try and book time off work, they can arrange in the days they already have off.

Advantages of the Myth

Due to the myth, many people postpone their job hunting efforts until the new year. This means that the candidates applying for YOUR role in December are serious about their career and securing themselves a new dream job ready to start in early 2018.

Perhaps you don’t need the candidate to start the role until the beginning of February, knowing you have secured a brilliant candidate before 2018 means you can take a breather. YOU will also miss out on the hectic January recruitment frenzy. This means you can concentrate on planning for a successful 2018!!

If you would like to advertise your role before January 2018 please contact us on info@kagrecruitmentconsultancy.co.uk and we will be in touch to discuss further.