When you’re sitting down and writing your CV profile really have a think about:

Who’s going to be reading it 

Who’s your target audience

Why you’re writing it 

What it says about you 

As recruiters we read ALOT of profiles on CVs on a daily basis. Apart from education, previous job roles and salary expectations, it’s the fourth criteria that’s really important when we are deciding if you might be suitable for a role.

Now let’s compare this to Tinder (a well know dating app) after appearance, age and location if someone is still viewing your profile it really comes down to what you have written about yourself. 

If you’ve put it in black and white that you only like a certain type of person, then you limit yourself from other opportunities and chance of meeting ‘the one,’ it’s exactly the same when writing your CV profile. 

You may really want a career in finance and put that in your profile, however your actual dream job may be working with numbers and data but in a completely different industry. When a recruiter or an employer is reading your profile and sees you have specifically put you are only interested in specific industries or job titles, it can be off putting and will be the difference between them contacting you about a job role that may end up being the making of you! 

I would recommend keeping your CV Profile broad and factual. Include your education level and discipline, and why you chose to study that particular subject. Talk about your interests and hobbies and remember to state you are open to different opportunities, if you are….

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